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Spin My Fate – The Acoustic Sessions Review

spin my fate_cover

Released by: D.Y.I.

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Jan Kattner – Vocals

Simon Bosse – Guitar/Vocals

Janosch Hermann – Bass/Vocals

Jonas Bertels – Drums


Spin My Fate are a band that approached My Global Mind a little over a year ago about checking out their music. I was the lucky person to get to give them a shot. Though I wasn’t completely sold on them initially, mostly because the vocals didn’t really do it for me, I enjoyed quite a bit of what they performed. Guitarist Simon Bosse approached me about checking out their latest offering, and I told him I would be glad to. I was pre-warned that it was a full acoustic album, so I wasn’t sure what to expect beyond it being just that- acoustic.

I love acoustic music. It’s not something I listen to all the time, but I especially love it when a band that isn’t normally unplugged takes that plunge. You can’t hide behind weird noises and effects while playing acoustically. Once I finally got my hands on The Acoustic Sessions I was instantly hooked. Though initially I was expecting it to be outside of their comfort zone, to the contrary it sounds like they’re a band that is cut out for this sound. I especially loved the use of non-typical instruments like banjo and exotic percussion. The one thing I could confirm on their last release was the fact that Bosse is an incredible player who has his own approach to the guitar. Not so much an in your face player, he obviously has some skills. Unlike last time, I think the vocals actually work on this one. My biggest issues with Jan Kattner’s vocals were they weren’t very dynamic and sometimes he would go all growl/scream and it didn’t work. Though he hasn’t changed his voice much beyond simply singing, something about the quality of it fits the songs better in this stripped down form. The album is compiled of re-worked tracks from both their previous albums 2011’s Act II: When Worlds Collide and 2009’s Two Way Choice, and one new track “Convenience.” The Incubus influence (vocals aside) is very prevalent on this album, so fans of that band (like myself) can definitely appreciate that aspect. Songs like “Leaving For Now,” “Convenience,” and “Polish Man” are the standouts for me, however there was not a moment I didn’t enjoy listening to this album.

Spin My Fate may have stumbled upon their true niche with The Acoustic Sessions. I’ve not heard their first album, but basing my assessment on their sophomore release they were going for more of an alt rock sort of thing, but personally I think they should consider staying acoustic. It’s a stunningly beautiful album, full of passion and sincerity that I felt was missing from When Worlds Collide. I can see me listening to this album quite often.



Written    by    Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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