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Stormzone – Three Kings Review


Released by: Metal Nation Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Gere: Heavy Metal



 Line Up:

John “Harv” Harbinson – Lead Vocals

Graham McNulty – Bass

David Bates – Drums

Steve Moore – Lead Guitars

Andrew Baxter – Lead Guitars



1. The Path Loning

2. Night of the Storm

3. Stone Heart

4. Three Kings

5. Alive

6. B.Y.H.

7. Beware in Time

8. Wallbreaker

9. I Am the One

10. Never Trust

11. Out of Eden

12. The Pain Inside

13. Spectre


Some bands fall short of capturing something unique, while at the same time trying to remain current with the times, especially new bands that are trying to get off the ground and get discovered so they can continue doing what they love and are passionate about. For every band that “makes it,” and by that I mean are able to carry on recording and touring to where it’s economically feasible, there are countless numbers of bands that don’t. It typically has nothing to do with their abilities as to whether they make it or remain hidden in obscurity. In fact it’s usually the worst bands that make it leaving the more talented ones to toil away in local clubs barely able to keep their passion alive. And that my friend is why I do what I do- write and expose these bands that deserve of the exposure. One of these bands that have recently come into my world is a band called Stormzone. And while they are somewhat formulaic, they have enough going for them to warrant me spreading the word about them.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, the band got their start in 2004. With their third and newest release Three Kings the band continue putting out excellent music. Initially the name put me in mind of probably standard power metal, but nothing could be further from the truth. They do have some aspects that hearken to that genre, but they’re actually more of a classic metal sound akin to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but have a more melodic sound going for them, plus a hint of another legendary Irish band Thin Lizzy. With band founder John “Harv” Harbinson’s soaring vocals and the twin guitar assault of David Shields and Steve Moore you can certainly hear their NWOBHM influences right off. Add to the mix the powerful drums of Davy Bates and the thunderous bass of Graham McNulty, you definitely get a tremendously powerful sound. With songs like “Spectre,” “Three Kings,” “I Am the One,” and “Wallbreaker” you get a sense of why they have made such an impact on me. Catchy riffs, great performances, heavy while maintaining a melodic sense, and detail for writing good metal songs are what Stormzone are all about.

Having said all of that, and I’m still suggesting folks check them out, there’s not much in the way of ground breaking sound and style. While they’re all great musicians and they have a great ability for writing great headbanging music, there’s nothing that absolutely makes them stand out from so many other great bands out there already doing it. It’s still an excellent album and definitely worth checking out though. There aren’t that many bands doing it this well in the forefront of the new regime though so prop’s to them for that measure at least.


Written    by    Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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