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Anvil at The Relentless Garage, London, UK July 30th, 2013

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Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Adrian Hextall (Photographer/Live Gig reporter Myglobalmind Webzine





Skreamer started in 2009 after meeting at the British Academy of New Music. The four band members include Samuel Morter (Guitar and vocals), Sergio Ronchetti (Bass and vocals), Bobby Steel (Drums) and Andreas Pavlou (Guitars). Their main influences are cited as Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Pantera, Dream Theater , Pink Floyd , Machine Head and more and it’s that interesting mix of styles (prog, metal and thrash elements) that stand out tonight. They power through the first 2 tracks and the already half full Relentless Garage crowd respond warmly.

© Adrian Hextall

Ordinarily, it takes a lot of nerve for the opening act to feel confident enough to play an instrumental after only three songs. It speaks volumes that the track is received so well and played so professionally by a band whose average age is around the 20 mark. Recent reviews of their live show have used terms such as “upcoming” and “fast rising” and it’s not difficult to see why. Well worth looking out for if they play a venue near you.


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Next on stage are Asomvel. Comprising Lenny Robinson (Guitar), Conan (Bass/Vocals) and Jay “Ripper” Hope (Drums) we have band members that look respectively like Cronos (Venom), Ricky Warwick (The Almighty) and Phil Anselmo (Down). Such a line up is either going to tear the roof of or they are going to come across as a poor man’s tribute act.

© Adrian Hextall

Thankfully the former applies and (as every recent review of the band will attest to) they play as hard and heavy as the Motorhead influence they wear proudly on their sleeves. Former Deathwing bassist/vocalist, Conan models himself on Lemmy and even shouts at the mic with his head tilted back at 45 degrees. Playing tracks from their Kamikaze album and forthcoming release Knuckle Duster they truly energise the crowd and before long pints of beer and happy faces are bouncing over the well-trodden Garage floor. Special mention has to go to the performance of Trash Talker. The song comes across as a perfect mix of metal, dirt and grime and should help cement their places higher and higher on festival bills to come.

The band will also be playing at the Full Moon Dog Festival in Leeds on October 12th ( The gig is a memorial for ASOMVEL’s founder and original front-man, Jay-Jay Winter who sadly passed away as a result of a road traffic accident band in 2010. A worthy cause is ever there was one.


Dead Set On Livin’ / Cash Whore / Internet Commando / Sheep In Wolf’s Colthing / Hangman’s Rope / Wrecking Ball / Trash Talker / Full Moon Dog




Headliners Anvil have had all of the ups and downs of a career that warrants a movie to be filmed about it. Oh wait…… upon its release, 2008 movie “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” received significant critical acclaim and has since reinvigorated the band resulting in opening slots with AC/DC and Saxon. Still creating a buzz on the back of the renewed interest in the band, they have recently released album number 15 “Hope in Hell” and are playing the Garage tonight in support of it.

‘March of the Crabs’, an Anvil live favourite opens the set and from the grin on Steve “Lips” Kudlow’s face it is clear that they are here to enjoy the show as much as the crowd. ‘School Love’ is then followed by ‘Badass Rock ‘n’ Roll’ taken from the new album and it shows a change in style from the traditional metal format the band are so well known for. Through with You and title track Hope in Hell from the same release show a band that isn’t afraid to experiment and the change in style is welcome and makes for a very interesting set with a mix of Heavy Rock and Metal.

© Adrian Hextall

In a moment where a typical break would see the lead guitarist playing the now traditional guitar solo, Lips decides to mix it up a little bit and (whilst expected by the faithful, it’s still very funny) plays his solo with a fully charged vibrator instead of a pick. Alternating between high and low speeds the “pick of choice” adds multiple smiles and a layer of originality to the solo.

Both original mainstay Robb Reiner on Drums and new bassist Sal Italiano keep the rhythm pounding for the duration of the set and classic favourite ‘Metal on Metal’ finishes the night to great applause from the crowd.

Watching a band like Anvil makes you realise how great it can be when all the pretences, rock star idiosyncrasies and unnecessary theatrics are removed and the show comprises of straight ahead rock and metal. The comments of appreciation and gratitude from the band for helping them keep their dream alive are totally genuine. Nicely done guys!




March Of The Crabs / 666 / School Love / Badass Rock ‘N’ Roll / Winged Assassins / On Fire / This Is Thirteen / Mothra / Through With You / Thumb Hang / Swing Thing / Hope In Hell / Eat Your Words / Metal On Metal

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