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Benesser – The Start of Something New Review

benesser cover

Released by: Doolittle Group AB

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock



Line Up:

Robert Olsson – Vocals, bass

Henric Hermansson – Guitar

David Olsson – Drums



1. Where Silence Prevails

2. Babyface

3. Is It You

4. Colors

5. Where O Death

6. Sleepless Nights

7. Signs Of Time

8. For The Eyes Of The Lord

9. The Start Of Something New



There’s a new band in town and they’ve been doing it since they were 9 years old. They’re called Benesser and they’re a Swedish band. Clearly still quite young, 15 years after the band formed they’re releasing their first album for Doolittle Group in August and I think if they catch the right wave they might just be able to get somewhere.

Musically they’re a melodic take on Progressive rock not too unlike bands like Fair To Midland and Coheed and Cambria, but sounding not at all like either of those two bands. What is simply amazing about Benesser is the fact that such a huge sound is being made by three people. On their debut album The Start of Something New it is without a doubt very clear the band has been working tirelessly trying to create something truly unique, and they have definitely succeeded. The songs weave from dreamy and ethereal to driving and intense. There are so many elements of so many different types of music yet it all comes together in such a cohesive way it’s astonishing. The breathtaking guitar work of Henric Hermansson, the magnificent vocals and bass of Robert Olsson and the nuanced drums of David Olsson meld to create such masterpieces as “Where O Death,” “Colors,” and the epic “For the Eyes of the Lord” to create such a stunning musical tapestry.

This album may not be for everybody, but it should be. Progressive without being too complex, gentle with just enough heaviness, chaotic with just enough restraint, and a haunting beauty that should amaze listeners worldwide, The Start of Something New is just that- something brand new yet oddly familiar that could very well turn the musical world on its ear.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10


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