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Janes Addiction – Live in NYC DVD Review


Released by: UMe

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Alternative Rock

Links: http://www.janesaddiction.com/timeline


Line Up:

Perry Farrell

Dave Navarro

Stephen Perkins

Chris Chaney



1. Whores

2. Ain’t No Right

3. Just Because

4. Ted, Just Admit It…

5. Been Caught Stealing

6. Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object)

7. Up The Beach

8. Ocean Size

9. Three Days

10. Mountain Song

11. Stop!

12. Jane Says


Since their inception in 1985 Janes Addiction have been widely recognised as innovators and genre creators of alternative metal.They hit career peak at the height of the MTV era,and split up in 1991.Two reunions in 1997 and 2001 were without Eric Avery original bassist.New album “The Great Escape Artist was released in October 2011 eight years after their previous release.It is from the accompanying tour that this Live in concert DVD was recorded.Despite being billed as Theatre of the Escapists Tour few new songs featured in their live set.

With accompanying lasers and stunning light show and also featuring suspended burlesque dancers visually the show is a treat.Musically the band play it safe with a greatest hits selection.All their classic songs,Jane Says ,Stop and Been Caught Stealing(their huge MTV hit) are heavily present.

Musicianship is excellent,with particular praise for the guitar playing of Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins sublime drumming leading the aural assault.Unfortunately iconic front man Perry Farrell comes across as primarily disinterested and half hearted throughout the performance.His enthusiasm levels only appears to generate a response during an extended largely instrumental stunning rendition of the anthem “Three Days”His lackadaisical attitude and talking down to the audience as a “rock star”is also particularly galling to view.

Vocally Farrell has always jarred on my ears with his particular”style”certainly not resting easily with me.Having more in common with the yapping dogs on one of the bands own videos than any classic rock vocalist that I have ever heard of.I have seen the band live personally several years ago,being more caught up with their iconic status than any deep set love of their music.This live DVD does little to alter that perception..Perhaps its now time for Perry to put the Janes Addiction to bed,and not merely drag its carcass through the motions.Let the fans have the memories of those halycon eighties days….


Written by Mark

Ratings    Mark    5/10

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