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Kryptos – The Coils Of Apollyon Review


Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line up:

Nolan Lewis: guitars, vocals

Rohit Chaturvedi: guitars

Jayawant Tewari: bass

Ryan Colaco: drums



01. The Mask Of Anubis

02. The Coils Of Apollyon

03. Serpent Mage

04. Nexus Legion

05. Eternal Crimson Spires

06. Spellcraft

07. Starfall

08. Vision Of Dis

09. The Isle Of Voices


A heavy metal band from?..India ? Yes people, metal is a global phenomenon even in countries you won?t expect it from. Ofcourse it is very difficult for bands in countries like India to get worldwide attention, so did Kryptos (at least in their early days ?).

Formed in 1998 they first spent years in the local underground scene releasing 2 albums though: ?Spiral Ascent? (2004) and ?The Ark of Gemini? (2008) creating quite some buzz in their home country but alas not abroad.

But in 2007 luck seem to fall out of the sky for these guys as they finally managed to struck a deal with a californian based OSM Records leading them on stage to open for top-acts like Kreator, Satyricon and even the mighty Iron Maiden, obvious their main influence, but more on that topic later.

In 2010 Kryptos toured the club circuit in Europe as the first heavy metal band from India and also played at the Rockmarathon Festival in Hungary and at the In Flammen Festival in Germany.

And after signing just recently a publishing deal with Enorm Music from Germany Kryptos are ready to unleash their third album ?The Coils Of Apollyon?, a feast for every lover of the cradle-days of heavy metal.

What do we get here ? Well, 9 nicely crafted ?old-school? heavy metal tracks in the best NWOBHM tradition. As I already indicated, the early Iron Maiden (with Paul Di?Anno aboard, so late 70?s early 80?s) is the main influence in songwriting, playing and singing as Nolan Lewis has a very similar voice to Paul Di?Anno. But you can also mention here European bands like Kreator, Candlemass and Coroner.

Despite reaching back far in time, Krypton still manages to create something fresh keeping this kind of metal still fresh. Highlights for me are the 3 longer tracks ?Serpent Mage?, ?Eternal Crimson Spires? and ?Vision of Dis? (all clocking around 7-8 minutes), where these guys show their capabilities to write captivating pieces of music with a technical, almost progressive rock-like, complex sound.

Heavy Metal is not only what they play, according to their press sheet they even live it ! And who am I not to agree with them.


Written    by    Ruud

Rating s    Ruud    8/ 10

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