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The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 Live at Best Buy Theater, NYC on August 7th, 2013

The Dillinger Escape Plan - 14


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All Photos by David Turcotte

Photos of Revocation, Aeon, Rings of Saturn and Thy Art is Murder by:

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Take it a look at the chaos that The Summer Slaughter Tour brought to the fold when they crashed and burned down the Best Buy Theater in NYC on August 7th. See the live photos below from some of the bands that we’re guilty of delivering one sick show.


The Dillinger Escape Plan headlined year’s tour, with Animals as Leaders, Periphery and more coming along for the ride.

Rumors have been flying around as to who would land on this year’s bill. Although some of the rumored acts are now confirmed to appear on the tour, Summer Slaughter has managed to give us a few surprises, as well.

Along with experimental spastic metallers the Dillinger Escape Plan, who will headline this year’s bill, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Norma Jean, Cattle Decapitation, the Ocean, Revocation + Aeon will occupy stages across North America for this year’s fest. Additionally, according to an official press release, two more featured bands have yet to be announced.


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The Dillinger Escape Plan

Animals As Leaders


Norma Jean

Cattle Decapitation

The Ocean




Summer Slaughter 2013 made it’s way through New York City’s Best Buy Theater on Wednesday August 7th.

Competing with the Megadeath and the rest of the Gigantour bands Hammerstein Ballroom a few blocks away, Summer Slaughter just about sold out the roughly 2100 capacity Best Buy venue.

Arriving late, I was only able to see the last song from The Ocean, while entirely missing Revocation, Aeon, Rings of Saturn and Thy Art is Murder. Perhaps next year’s Summer Slaughter will start at a reasonable time when playing shows mid-week in the largest city in North America. This is the city that never sleeps right? Summer Slaughter’s 3pm start time was a head scratcher.


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Although I did catch Cattle Decapitation, and they proved to be a relatively solid mid-lineup addition for Summer Slaughter, I couldn’t get over the fact that Norma Jean was sandwiched between Periphery and Animal as Leaders. Maybe it was just me, but the lineup choices and order of performances made the crowd energy seem a little hazy or lackadaisical at times. Norma Jean of course killed it, but can someone help me understand why these guys aren’t playing directly under Dillinger on this tour? Don’t get me wrong, Periphery put on a fucking killer stage performance despite some of my early misgivings about their much written about prog rock vocal style. Norma Jean just seems like a better fit with Dillingers brutal guitar and vocal attack style.


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Animals as Leaders had the last slot before Dillinger came out. Playing in near darkness behind two gigantic projector screens, Tosin Abasi overcame a few early technical difficulties during their set-up to show the world how to destroy a fretboard. Dude is sick. For real. That being said, 25 minutes of guitar shredding psychedelic backdrops was just the right amount of time to set the stage for Dillinger.

Dillinger Escape Plan was clearly the headliner of the night judging by the amount of additional photographers in the photo pit that arrived just in time for the New Jersey natives. Between the crowded photo pit, and crowd surfing Dillinger die-hards, I was pretty lucky to walk away with only a broken lens hood, a kick or two in the head, and the images I hope you check out in the gallery below.

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