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Prey On The Fallen – Prey On The Fallen Review

prey on the fallen_cover

Released by: Self Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Kurt Loun (Lead Vocals),

Mark Bouras (Guitar),

John Guy (Bass),

Mike Ikona (Drums/Percussion).



01.Prey On The Fallen

02.Sherman’s March

03.Complete Hypocrisy

04.Last Breath

05.Vultures To The Flesh

06.Present Time

07.Hotel California

08.Chain Reaction

09.Creed To The Greed



Being a hardrock-fan since the early eighties I was immediately excited when I heard the first notes on the debut album from South Californian based Prey On The Fallen (POTF). The band instantly understands how to deliver the goods with their vintage metal, well vintage may not be the right description as the foursome makes it sounding very contemporary, a bit sludgy as well.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Mr.Big) POTF is an album that is charged with power and more importantly, never loses the groove ! Yes people, this album keeps the sweat pouring with killer melodies that will stuck in your head. There’s only one track there that could have been skipped, but more on that later.

Musically these guys nailed it and upon looking at their bandpic delivered with the EPK I received, one can conclude that they all have experienced the late seventies, early eighties hardrock scene by themselves. This is not a young(er) band but there is absolutely no lack of energy here. Singer Kurt Loun has an enthralling, authorative voice which echoes Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider (just listen to ‘Complete Hypocrisy’) and Metallica’s James Hetfield (‘War’). Guitarist Mark Bouras provides the tight and aggressive riffs and shows some blistering solo’s and the rhythm section (John Guy: bass and Mike Ikona; drums) really is the cement on which this band is build.

Nine out of the ten tracks are addictive and above all very original but for me sadly the Eagles cover ‘Hotel California’ is not a good choice here. Although they deliver a nice rendition of this totally worn out ‘classic’ it shouldn’t have been included on the album. Sorry guys, but this really takes out the momentum. Luckily the band picks up with the brilliant ‘Chain Reaction’, a marching track, and the excellent ‘Creed To The Greed’ with it’s shivering new wave influenced guitar sound (Killing Joke !).

This album will for sure please all metal fans as Prey On The Fallen does so much more than rewind you to the eighties. It’s an impressive start of a debuting band that is screaming for your attention.


Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    9/10

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