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Anathema – Universal Live DVD Review


Released by: Kscope Music

Release Date: September 17th, 2013 (North America)

Release Date: September 23rd, 2013 (Europe)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Links: http://www.anathema.ws/




DVD / Blu-ray (bonus content on Blu-ray only):

1. Untouchable, Part 1

2. Untouchable, Part 2

3. Thin Air

4. Dreaming Light

5. Lightning Song

6. The Storm Before the Calm

7. Everything

8. A Simple Mistake

9. The Beginning and the End

10. Universal

11. Closer

12. A Natural Disaster

13. Deep

14. One Last Goodbye

15. Flying

16. Fragile Dreams


– Encore From Plovdiv:


Emotional Winter / Wings of God

Internal Landscapes

Fragile Dreams

– A Night At The Union Chapel:


Thin Air

Angels Walk Among Us

A Natural Disaster

Fragile Dreams


Liverpool’s Anathema is a progressive rock band in both style and evolution. Primarily consisting of two families the 3 Cavanagh brothers, and childhood friends John Douglas and his sister Lee. Debuting in 1993, with “Serenades”they were one of the pioneers of melodic heavy music. Always refusing to be categorized, and always musically ambitious they felt that they had something different to offer musically. Their experimentation has seen acclaim escalate with each release.

May 2013 saw the band release “Weather Systems”the most acclaimed and successful album of a career that has now spanned over two decades. This release cemented the bands reputation as one of the most exciting and progressive bands around.

Following the release of the album the band embarked on a lengthy tour. The European leg opened with a triumphant one -off show at the ancient Roman theatre of Philippopolis with the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra in September. This was documented by acclaimed filmmaker Lasse Hoile,and the stunning results have been released as “Universal”

I’m not afraid to admit that I generally favor my music laid out as direct and simplistic rhythms. Progressive music has never entertained or enthralled me….until now. Wow to say that i was moved emotionally by the music on display here is not an overstatement. While I detected elements of Floyd, Muse, Radiohead this music contained such beauty and emotional majesty that at times it was quite overwhelming. Not a single track was familiar to me personally but as a complete performance it was breathtaking. The emotive nature of the music was powerful, attractive and very compelling. I have never been this moved by listening to any music in a considerable period of time.Visually stunning the cohesion of the band and the orchestra in creating musical masterpieces was visually spellbinding to view.Viewing this piece of “art”has motivated me personally to broaden and also open my mind to more progressive musical styles. In conclusion I have no hesitation in recommending this Live dvd and have absolutely no qualms in awarding it a maximum score. A veritable musical masterpiece.


Written by Mark

Ratings    Mark    10/10

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