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Aerosmith – Rock for the Rising Sun DVD Review


Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock

Links: http://store.eagle-rock.com/title/rock-for-the-rising-sun/



1. Draw the Line

2. Love in an Elevator

3. Livin’ on the Edge

4. Hangman Jury

5. No More No More

6. Mama Kin

7. Monkey on My Back

8. Toys in the Attic

9. Sweet Emotion

10. Boogie Man

11. Rats in the Cellar

12. Movin’ Out

13. Last Child

14. S.O.S. (Too Bad)

15. Walk This Way

16. Train Kept A Rollin’ (credits)


The new release of the rock legends from Boston is very special and enjoyable for several reasons. The first is that the band had scheduled a tour of Japan shortly after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011 , and instead of canceling their shows as several bands had done for fear of radiation remnant left in some areas due to the explosion of the nuclear plant in Fukushima,  Aerosmith decided to make the tour anyway and bring some hope and encouragement to their loyal Japanese fans through their brand of Rock ‘N ‘ Roll . The second is that the tracklist features some of their most popular back catalog numbers , apart from the usual “hits” and MTV -era ballads , there are many songs that did not appear for many years at an official live Aerosmith setting. And the other reason that makes this video a great document , is that the band is presented as a daily tour of Japan, where the songs are filmed in various shows the band performed in the land of the rising sun and do not belong to one specific concert . Also after each song , you can see interesting clips and mini band activities in the country of sushi , such as when they go to visit the Peace Museum where there are many objects burned by the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , in the most brutal demonstration of destruction mankind has known in its thousands of years of existence, it’s indeed quite a poignant segment . Also we know the boundless fanaticism of the Japanese from the afar , where there is one that states that it has seen 150 shows and another group that is dedicated to follow the group on tour around the world. And we know the story of a mother and son who traveled directly from Australia to Japan just to see the group. The truth is that these segments “behind the scenes ” are not just  waste of video space whatsoever and are very emotional and are a great addition to the music,  plus Japan has a rich culture so overwhelming to see many of their ancient traditions in this video is priceless, it is an alternative way to travel and see the world through the eyes of a rock band.

On the music itself, everything is filmed with a remarkable HD image quality with excellent 5.1 audio mix very natural and raw to enjoy great and huge gems as’ draw the LINE ‘ , ‘ Mama Kin ‘ , ‘ Monkey on my back ‘ , ‘ Toys in the Attic ‘,’ Rats in the cellar ‘ and ‘ Train kept a rollin ‘ among others, and see a band that despite it’s seniority and physical ailments , yet are able to perform a show vibrant and incendiary. Of course with Steven Tyler on vocals , Joe Perry and Brad Whitford on guitar , Tom Hamilton on bass and the small but powerful drummer Joey Kramer , we witness a band where all members are already over 60 years of age , a factor that is not noticeable at all on stage. A very complete and interesting video that goes far beyond just showing a big show for the band.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10



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