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Gary Moore – Back on the Streets re,release Review

gary moore cover

Released by: UMC

Release Date:September 23rd, 2o13

Genre: Rock






1. Back On The Streets

2. Don’t Believe A Word (with Phil Lynott vocal)

3. Fanatical Fascists

4. Flight Of The Snow Moose

5. Hurricane

6. Song For Donna

7. What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp

8. Parisienne Walkways (with Phil Lynott vocal)


Bonus tracks:


9. Track Nine (taken from ‘)Back On The Streets’ – 7″ Single B-Side

10. Spanish Guitar – Phil Lynott vocal 7″ Single

11. Spanish Guitar – Gary Moore vocal 7″ Single

12. Spanish Guitar – Instrumental 7″ Single B-Side



This was Gary Moore’s first solo release after 1973’s “Grinding Stone” release by the Gary Moore Band. It was also one of the first vinyl releases that I personally purchased. First time around I thought it was an average release, largely carried by Phil Lynotts influence.

Opening and title track still solidly stands the test of time,a rousing rocking anthem. The version of Lynott,s “Dont Believe aWord”also proves effective.”Fanatical Fascists”is next up, and comes over as a throwaway number penned by Lynott. Whatever political message was intended to be conveyed by it, being heavily lost in what amounts to a pretty average song.

However where I originally didn’t hold much regard for the guitar instrumentals of the melodic “Flight of the Snow Moose” or the heavier driven”Hurricane”,age has made me more fully appreciative of their qualities,and Moore,s guitar virtuosity. “Song for Donna”however does tend to pass me by, Moores vocals only just managing to carry a pretty average sounding song. This is only slightly raised by some sublime guitar playing….Another bass and guitar driven instrumental gives away to the albums highlight. A Lynott driven vocal, and exquisite guitar playing by Moore on the still classic “Parisienne Walkways”. This still has the power to emotionally move the listener, until the extended note holding element, by Moore which was always keenly anticipated when he played the song in a live setting.

For a re.release I was keenly anticipating the extra tracks included on this.Unfortunately these failed totally to satisfy. Providing a track taken from the Bside of the “Back on the Streets” single and a total of three!! different versions of the “Spanish Guitar” song was largely very disappointing indeed. For fans to invest financially in buying this again I think more thought could have gone into that aspect of the release. The album has highlighted particular aspects mostly of Moore’s guitar playing to me personally, which had not been previously fully appreciated however, and for that reason it does deliver.



Written by Mark

Ratings    Mark    7/10

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