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Killer Bee – Evolutionary Children Review

killer bee evol children cover

Released By: Target Distribution

Release Date: October 14th, 2013

Genre: AOR/Hard Rock



Line Up:

Brian Frank (Lead Vocals)

Jimmy DeLisi (Lead Guitar)

Denny DeMarchi (Keys & Rhythm Guitar)

Anders L.A Rönnblom (Bass)

Morgan Evans (Drums)



1. Children Of The Evolution

2. A Little Too Old

3. All The Things You Say

4. Let’s Dance

5. Now’s The Time

6. Ride On

7. Got Your Number

8. Dust Of An Angel

9. I’m On Fire

10. Gimme A Taste

11. Maybe Baby

12. Scream It

13. If We Die Tomorrow


With four albums behind ‘em and a bright future still looming ahead in the distance, nobody can deny the skill and swagger of Swedish rockmeisters KILLER BEE at this point in the game. Although I only recently became aware at how good these fellas were from 2012’s quite impressive “From Hell And Back”, I’m hard pressed to even decide at this point if I like that particular album over the subject of this review, the monolithic and gloriously glammy “Evolutionary Children”. This album is prime example to others in the scene on not only how to do this style with flair and substance, but how to have FUN while doing it…it’s a real blast!

Musically, these guys are right on par with the classic era of WHITESNAKE or perhaps mid 80’s DEEP PURPLE – bluesy and hard rocking but coated with just enough sleaze to give these songs that extra bite…with a few curve balls thrown in for good measure. Despite a surprisingly straightforward production job where nothing is too showy, the element that stands out the most from these guys is vocalist BRIAN FRANK. Whether he’s soaring on the title track, snarling down ‘Scream It’ avenue or pulling off a punchy power-pop chorus on ‘Got Your Number’, he’s one talented maestro who befits this talented band immensely.

As far as the ‘curve ball’ element I mentioned earlier goes, I just mean there are a couple of songs here that don’t really fit the Whitesnake/Deep Purple mold. ‘Ride On’, for instance, is a rip-roaring gila monster-of-a-song that wouldn’t have been out of place on an early 80’s DIO masterpiece, complete with the sort of brilliant chorus we’d expect from the departed master. There’s also some ballads like ‘Dust Of An Angel’ which feature orchestral elements and slide guitar that take you right back to the power ballad era without being particularly reminiscent of any specific song.

Overall, this is a solid-to-excellent hard rock release which definitely pushes the envelope in ways I appreciate. It has a little something for everyone, and shows just enough diversity to make you wonder where these guys will take us next time around…


Written    by    Derek

Ratings    Derek    8/10



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