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Altair – Lost Eden Review


Released by: Power Prog

Release Date: October 25th, 2013

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Simone Mala – Lead Vocal

Luca Scalabrin – Bass & Vocal

Gianmarco Bambini – Lead Guitar

Gianluca Ferioli – Lead Guitar

Enrico Ditta – Keyboards

Daniele Dalla Dea – Drums




1 Prelude

2 Power of the Gods

3 Reaching the Dream

4 Fly Away

5 Lost Eden

6 Freedom Is the Key

7 Wind of Changes

8 Rise to the Moon

9 Redemption

10 Wind of Changes (Acoustic CD Bonus Track)



Altair is a new Italian Power Metal band founded by the guitar player Gianmarco Bambini and the bass player Luca Scalabrin. The band has recorded their debut album “Lost Eden” which will be released on 25th October by German label Power Prog.

Altair plays very Melodic Power Metal with some Progressive influences and solid keyboard background, sometimes with symphonic arrangements. Synthesizers parts (by Enrico Ditta ) are really good and interesting, guitar solos are fast, inventive and sometimes shreddy. Vocals (performed by Simone Mala) are usually high though typical for this type of music.

In general it is Italian Power Metal with all its advantages and weak points. However there are more advantages: impressive melodies and choruses, long guitar solos, varied keyboards, semi-prog elements make the music more interesting. Drumming is too mechanical, I could suspect drum-machine (though a drummer is announced in album line-up), but I could be wrong here. The sound is good, clean, but it would be better if it were more powerful.

“Power of the Gods” – brings out a Melodic Power Metal niche with some symphonic arrangements, a typical song for Italian bands. Guest Fabio Lione is easily recognized here, he performs well. This song is quite good but not very interesting. I suppose that atheband would like to display that they manage to invite Fabio and place this song as an open track (after short intro “Prelude“). Fortunately the next tracks are stronger and brighter.

“Reaching the Dreams” has some commonality with other Italian bands like Projecto, Shadows of Steel and Skylark, some bright background key parts, nice melodic lines and fast Power Metal moments.

“Fly Away “ – driven speedy song , some Stratovarius influences could be heard here. Happy-Power (in Helloween/Gamma Ray tradition) chorus, I could mark beautiful keyboard theme and cool shredding melodic guitar solo. Very good impressive track, I like it much. A title track “Lost Eden“ is another excellent song, melodic semi-Progressive Power Metal varied from mid- to slightly up-tempo and has more complicated rhythmic parts with an impressive chorus and a technical solo. “Freedom Is the Key” is a nice ballad with some nods to neo-prog and AOR 80-s but it becomes heavier and even faster at the end. Surprisingly worth song with bright melody. The next number “Wind of Changes” is driven with some prog moments and melodic chorus. Some similarities with Arachnes could be found here. Awesome instrumental part with many solos and bright synths are also worth mentioning. I enjoy this song very much.

“Rise to the Moon” is the longest track here. There are many interesting things including use of rougher voice, awesome prog moments and cool fast neo-classical passages in the solo. Another strong attractive song. “Redemption” is just another quality song, varied from mid-tempo to speedy, guitar work is excellent again. Acoustic “Wind of Changes” is a calm ballad with some lazy guitars. Sounds like a completely different song with some other melodies. But it is a bit boring to me. Hopefully it is just a bonus.

“Lost Eden” is a very good album. It is not ideal, but there are no weak or average tracks (minus the bonus) here. Despite of many standard moments in music these guys really have a perfect melodic feeling and their own sound. The band has good potential and surely able to grow from this debut. So it is awesome work especially for the debut release. I recommend Altair for all fans of good Italian Power Metal.



Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    9/10

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