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Maverick – Talk’s Cheap EP Review

maverick cover

Released by: Self Release

Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock




Line Up:

Lead Vocals: David Balfour

Guitar: Ryan Sebastian Balfour

Guitar: Chris Van Engelen

Bass: Richie Diver

Drums: Mike Ross


For me personally the eighties were the best period for rock music. I attended gigs,bought albums and partied with my friends.S ubsequent eras of rock failed to electrify, and ignite like those halcyon days. This Ep features a very promising N.Ireland band Maverick who were not even around in those days. However they must have been raised by rock and metal loving parents, as their influences..are clearly visible. The eighties spirit is soaked throughout the five tracks present here…

Kicking off with their signature and live opener”Maverick” The term itself has several definitions

2. One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter.


Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence:

I think both are applicable in this case. It differs entirely from current modern musical trends, and also while flying their own musical flag pays homage to the musical heroes of not their own but certainly their parents youth. Catchy and powerfully hard-hitting it comes over as full on in your face hard-hitting brutally played rock music. Subjects of the songs are not breaking any new ground,or address world issues and social concerns. They deal with partying,women and hey there’s certainly nothing wrong at all with that. One concern I would have is that the production present on the Ep,certainly does the band any favours. In the words of one of their own tracks it actually comes over at times”Top Heavy” On chatting to the band recently they have promised a crisper sound on their forthcoming debut album. The band are not certainly breaking any new musical ground with this release. They stick to their guns,and just do what they do with enthusiasm and passion. The band have already established their own range of distinctive merchandise, and must also be commended for getting a good business model established at the outset.

Maverick’s star has really shone over the last six months. From their initial sortie onto the local live stages their hard work ethic is starting to really pay dividends. The band are now regularly securing major support slots with renowned rock legends such as Faster Pussycat, and recently announced Tigertailz. The cut of their cloth or more accurately denim lies in the eighties classic rock era. Many influences both in sound and image can clearly be detected. However they manage to take those influences,and give them a modern sheen and polish. I have been fortunate to have caught the Maverick guys live several times and their natural joie de vivre for performing live always comes across. Lead singer David Balfour is possessed of a powerful set of lungs ,and the band themselves are a tight, and efficient unit. Regular live work has really improved their technical prowess. A party band with sing a long anthems in their live arsenal ,this band are set to shoot down all comers in their way. See you down the front for their next show….. 7/10 (only because I know that their debut album is going to score significantly higher)


Written by Mark

Ratings    Mark    7/10

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