Interview with Ven (Vocals) (Venrez)




Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine




What has been the biggest challenge for the group to date?

Building a world wide fan base one fan at a time.

I am sure that you are familiar with the term”starving artists” but how do you cope with major obstacles?

That’s truly been remarkable for us. We have faced some big obstacles with this project over the last 3 years, and it’s like divine intervention has so far always stepped in to get us through it. I am baffled by that. Someone up there likes us.

Do you feel that the economic crunch has hurt the music industry, or do you have some promotional tips to help support your music?

I think it’s more about the digital age than economics, and the fact that all music can pretty much be accessed by fans and listened to without having to purchase the music.

Do you have any fan stories or comments of how your music has affected or changed them?

I have had a lot of feedback from fans about our music touching them and waking them up to their life and the political tensions of this world. More so from the lyrics than the music.

Art and music has an impact on both young and old. Everybody loves the cult of celebrity, so what advice would you give to the youth of today?


Never give up your dreams and let jealous people take you off your path. If you believe, everything is possible.

Do you have your own favourite types of music outside Venrez?

I enjoy most music including blues, jazz & classical.

Do the band members have any other interests or talents/hobbies that you do outside music?

Eddie does amazing art where he paints within a spoon. It’s amazing! He also is really talented at film and editing. He edited our video of “Sell The Lie”. Michael is a talented video editor, Jason is a genius & Alex is a master of all aspects of the music industry. I actually also produce feature A list Hollywood movies.

What has been your individual motivations to pursue a career in music?

To prove it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams and to deliver my message through my lyrics and our music.

Someone once said”write what you want to perform over and over”With that in mind individually which song do you currently love to perform the most?

“Unforeseen”. The guitars rock and I love delivering the lyrics to the music.

If you had to change one thing about your music/band what would be the best change to benefit the group and why?

There is absolutely nothing I would change period. We are truly blessed with a band of brothers who work and tour great together. Total pros.

Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans that you are aware of? If so, how does that affect the closeness that you have with your fans and also media?


Not aware of any with me or Venrez. Some of my band mates have with projects before Venrez.

What are your wildest stories within the group since you started?

No wild stories but crazy accidents like breaking my nose in Paris to falling off the stage in Spain. Jason’s guitar head falling of his cab onto his foot during a show in Italy & Alex slipping on his back then knocking over his amp and finishing the last song dancing on the 2012 Alice Cooper tour.

What are your current plans? Releases, tours etc?

We will tour Europe & the UK November 3 to December 2nd with Buckcherry & Hardcore Superstar. Our new album “American Illusion” just released July 30th. So lots more touring behind the record into next year.

Individually in the group, if the band members could play the role of interviewer, who would they like to interview, why and what would you ask your interviewee??

I would be Jesus and ask Obama why he kills women & children for oil money.




Official Press Release



Following the release of their new album ‘American Illusion’ / music videos ‘Unforeseen’, ‘Free Will’ and summer 2013 tour dates with SLASH – one of the most promising hard rock bands on the scene VENREZ have been confirmed for an upcoming European tour with BUCKCHERRY and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR.

“This band took the audience by the soul and shook them. Venrez has a presence second to none on stage” – Screamer Magazine

Frontman Ven says “The band and I had an amazing time throughout Europe when we toured in 2010 and 2011. We met some of the greatest music fans in the world that still write to me all the time and have supported us though our firsttwo releases. Now with this new album, “American Illusion”, we have our best material to date and the band has never been tighter. I think everyone who comes to see us again will say it was worth the wait. Those seeing us for the first time will not be disappointed either.” Guitarist Alex Kane adds “This tour in Europe with my second favourite band Buckcherry and the ever amazing Hardcore Superstar will DESTROY! We’ll see you if you believe in rock n’ roll!”

The raw and rocking sounds of Venrez’s new album ‘American Illusion’ harkens back to a time before ProTools and ‘American Idol’. In other words it’s the sound of a real rock band, all in the studio together, letting it rip in unison. Comprised of singer Ven, guitarists Jason Womack (formerly of Juliette Lewis and the Licks) and Alex Kane (formerly of Life Sex and Death (LSD) and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg) bassist Michael Bradford and drummer Ed Davis (formerly of Juliette Lewis and the Licks) Venrez record their tunes live in the studio.

“‘Unforeseen’ (states the group’s leader Ven, who is nearly as recognized for his striking resemblance to Howard Stern as for his rock n roll) is my favourite track on ‘American Illusion’. It’s brutally heavy and demanding to play right. It’s ‘At The Drive In’ meets ‘Alice in Chains’ and really reflects the experiences we’ve had touring the world together.”

***Watch the music video UNFORESEEN:

“Venrez is doing something different with their music, and they’re doing it well. It’s a refreshing throwback to earlier rock and roll musical eras.” – Celebrity Cafe



Venrez – Lead Vocals

Jason Womack – Guitar, backing vocals

Alex Kane – Guitar

Mike Bradford – Bass

Ed Davis – Drums


European TOUR DATES 2013 (w/ Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar)

5th Nov – Fabrik – Hamburg, Germany

6th Nov – Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium

8th Nov – Essigfabrik – Cologne, Germany

9th Nov – Columbia Club – Berlin, Germany

10th Nov – Szene Wien – Vienna, Austria

12th Nov – Backstage Halle – Munich, Germany

13th Nov – Plaza – Zurich, Switzerland

15th Nov – New Age Club – Roncade, Italy

16th Nov – Estragon – Bologna, Italy

17th Nov – Alcatraz – Milan, Italy

19th Nov – Colo-Saal – Aschaffenberg, Germany

20th Nov – Le Forum- Vaureal, France

22nd Nov – Koko – London, England

23rd Nov – Kasbah – Coventry, England

25th Nov – The Ritz – Manchester, England

26th Nov – ABC – Glasgow, Scotland

27th Nov – Limelight – Belfast, N.Ireland

29th Nov – Academy – Dublin, Ireland

30th Nov – Rock City – Nottingham, England

2nd Dec – Academy – Bristol, England

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