Turisas, Revoker and Astro Henge live at Rock City Nottingham, UK on October 10th, 2013

Dubbed as being one of the most charismatic bands on the scene today, I could easily see why, as all that Tunisas are, is captured in their live...




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As the 2013 summer months, with their long warm nights, draws to a close, so does the season of out door music festivals. Don’t start getting SAD just yet though, as this now means the indoor venues take over and host all those wonderful bands from around the world, as they come to the UK to entrain us. Tonight’s main act is a perfect example of this, all the way from Finland, Turisas are no strangers to the UK, in fact they are no strangers to the rest of the world either, as the metal community love them.

First support tonight was Astrohenge, consisting of Matthew Rozeik – guitar, Dr Olly Weeks – keyboards, Hugh Harvey – guitar and Kieran Iles – drums, all the way from London.

I did my best to get to the gig, but major road closures and motorists driving like morons, meant I got into the venue just as these guys were finishing their final track, which really annoys me! I try very hard to see every act at any gig I go too, as you never know who you’re going to discover! I did talk to fellow journalists to find out how Astrohenge performed tonight and the general consensus was their technical ability was top notch, but being an instrumental band (or Omni-Metal) something was missing. Unfortunately, I can’t confirm or deny this, I can only apologize and hope I get to see them perform again soon. What I can tell you is, they supported Turisas at every show in the UK, so that’s got to be a plus for the band and their fans.

Next up Revoker, who I’m glad to say, I didn’t miss! This four man band from Wales, consisting of Jamie Mathias – Voc/Guitar, Chris Green – Guitar, Shane Phillips – Bass Jack Pritchard – Drums, are another of those hard rock, metal bands, bringing back that traditional British metal sound, but giving it a new modern twist. Recently signed to Transcend Music (Record Label) these guys are in good company, with the likes of “I Divide” “Stormbringer” and “Sacred Mother Tongue”, who, unfortunately, as I write this, have announced they will be calling it a day, after their tour with Vodoo Six at the end of this year, sad times, I’d like take this opportunity to wish the all those in SMT the best for the future. One band that ain’t quitting just yet are Revoker, who proved to be a very popular band, with the crowd tonight.




Their performance was electric, fueled by pure energy, they delivered a powerful set, which the crowd loved, especially those pressed up to the barrier, as they sung back every word, of every track played with some real enthusiasm!

Their 6 track playlist, had firm favorite and first single “Stay Down” in it, as well as 2. The Great Pretender, 3. Generation Genocide, 4. Psycoville, 5. Hands of Justice, 6. Born to be an Outlaw. The majority, are off their debut album “Revenge for the Ruthless” which is a bloody fantastic album, however, Generation Genocide, is a brand new track, that got its first ever play tonight, as stated by Setlist FM, so don’t hold me to that and “Hands of Justice” another new track, they have yet to release, but seems a firm favorite within the set, so i can only assume another album is in the pipe line?

These guys seemed very genuine and extremely happy to be playing tonight, which is always nice to see, so expect to see these guys again soon, as they smashed it!

As we recovered from that brutal onslaught that was Revoker, I couldn’t help but notice the impressive effort by the fans (Kraven Morrdeth being one of them) all dressed up in battle armor, black and red face paint and yielding battle axes (plastic toys of course, although on the way in I did notice a sign saying no blades, no bows, but no mention of axes! hahaha, you have to love the defiance of metal heads for that!) in honor of the main act, named after an ancient Finnish god of war, Tunisas! All the way through the change over, cries of “Battle Metal” was being chanted by the furious horde, that had descended upon Rock City tonight. This current tour is to promote the bands 4th studio album, titled Turisas2013, suggesting this new album is a statement of who they are and what they represent now? However, I will always love their rendition of Boney M’s Rasputin, which is still their biggest hit to date!



With the crowd still shouting BATTLE METAL, now a music genre of its own, The band take to the stage in dramatic fashion, blinded by a sea of white, yes WHITE lights, although that red light and masses of smoke was still a prominent feature tonight, but that didn’t stop the crowd declaring all out war on his neighbor, a mosh to the death!!! Dubbed as being one of the most charismatic bands on the scene today, I could easily see why, as all that Tunisas are, is captured in their live act, fun, energetic, powerful and above all, a way for a crowd to let go and enjoy themselves, for the hour or so they are with the band. A Top night of BATTLE METAL was had by all!


Set List tonight consisted of;



For Your Own Good

A Portage to the Unknown

Ten More Miles

Piece By Piece

To Holmgard and Beyond

Greek Fire

As Torches Rise

One More

Battle Metal

No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea

We Ride Together

Stand Up and Fight


Rasputin (Boney M cover)


Turisas are:

Mathias Nygård – Vocals

Jussi Wickström – Guitar

Jaakko Jakku – Drums

Jesper Anastasiadis – Bass

Olli Vänskä – Violin

Robert Engstrand – Keyboards





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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham

NE OBLIVISCARIS, "Equus" (Official Music Video)