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Review Eden’s Curse – Symphony Of Sin Review

edens curse_cover

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: October 22nd, 2013

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line up:

Nikola Mijic: vocals

Thorsten Koehnen: guitars

Paul Logue: bass

Steve Williams: keyboards

Pete Newdeck: drums



1. Symphony Of Sin

2. Break The Silence

3. Evil & Divine

4. Unbreakable

5. Fallen From Grace

6. Losing My Faith

7. Rock Bottom

8. Great Unknown

9. Turn The Page

10. Sign Of The Cross

11. Wings To Fly

12. Devil In Disguise

13. Where Is The Love?


Now this is a well timed release !

Since we have arrived in October, autumn already showed its first dark and wet days, at least here in Europe. A time to get a little depressed about the changing weather and the lack of sunlight. This sad feeling has overtaken me the last couple of weeks so there was a lot of melancholic music on my playlist lately, maybe too much. But luckily the new Eden’s Curse album “Symphony of Sin” dragged me out of this sludgy feeling because what we have got here people is a very uplifting and joyful record that gives you a positive boost to survive the upcoming sober days.

First of all for all the Eden’s Curse fans out there…. yes the new singer, Serbian born Nikola Mijic, is a true gem. Man o man this guy certainly delivers the goods here with a strong, powerful voice that easily hits all the notes. You can place him somewhere between Jorn Lande and all the Journey singers. And the other newcomer Steve Williams (who replaced the short lives tenure by italian keyboard player Allessandro Del Vecchio here) also shows his skills with brilliant keyboard parts and flashy solo bits.

I must admit I was a bit confused by the epic 46 piece orchestra intro and by the album cover as well. Could we expect an over-theatrical symphonic metal album ? Hell no, ‘Symphony Of Sin’ comes right out of the Journey mould and is a foot in the door to melodic rock heaven.

The multinational band has written 13 awe-inspiring tracks for it’s 4th full studio release, every single one an absolute highlight. Ultra catchy melodies that stick in your head forever. Besides that, the high quality level musicianship (thanks to the excellent production duties by the band’s long term collaborator Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69), the brilliant AOR-sound of the eighties and ofcourse the cohesive batch of songs makes this album simply a must buy.

It’s a melodic rock feast from beginning to end with smashing guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and flashy solo’s on guitar and keyboard making you want to jump up and down in your living room (or wherever you listen).

So if you have a bit of an autumn blues than “Symphony Of Sin” is THE cure. Fists in the air and shout the depression out of your body. Just what the doctor ordered.



Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    10/10


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