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Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers Live DVD Review

dp live

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock

Links: http://www.eagle-rock.com/


Line Up:

Ritchie Blackmore

Ian Gillan

Roger Glover

Jon Lord

Ian Paice



1) Highway Star

2) Nobody’s Home

3) Strange Kind Of Woman

4) A Gypsy’s Kiss

5) Perfect Strangers

6) Under The Gun

7) Knocking At Your Back Door

8) Lazy (inc Ian Paice Drum Solo)

9) Child In Time

10) Difficult To Cure

11) Jon Lord Keyboard Solo

12) Space Truckin’ (in Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Solo)

13) Black Night

14) Speed King

15) Smoke On The Water


In this day in age  is hard to fathom that legendary British hard rock band Deep Purple still around and touring considering the band was formed back in 1968 and now with only three original members left from their iconic lineup. Eagle Rock decided to celebrate the classic line up reunion in 84 and released a much though after reunion concert for the first time on CD and DVD anywhere. This concert was recorded in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 and there’s just not much live footage from this DP reunion tour making it that much appealing for long time fans of the premium line up.

The tour was supplemented by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and the recently deceased keyboardist Jon Lord as they reunited with the other 3 members and made a comeback with Perfect Strangers and the subsequent The House Of Blue Light in 1987. Aside from the tour which took place between those albums, there was also the 1985 live album In The Absence Of Pink .

Perfect Strangers Live footage is one of the few remaining recordings from that period. The comeback had the band making an effort to belt out the old classics like Strange Kind Of Woman  Speed King , Smoke On The Water and Black Night. These have consequently become staples of the live performance even now and constant fan favorites throughout the years. They all look in great shape and even Blackmore seems to be enjoying himself and initiating great interaction with he’s long time band mates; something not easily achieved because Blackmore was then and still is such and enigmatic rock figure.

At the beginning the vocals of Gillan needs to warm up a bit, but in due time halfway through the concert he hits classic numbers the likes of  Child In Time with solid regularity, he blows at full power all the air from his lungs and finishes the performance nicely. Despite the absence eleven years preceding this concert, the band members seem to respond exceptionally well together. The fun splashes off live on stage.

Deep Purple even brings an element of fun in this live setting as you hear long virtuoso pieces that the fans used to, including a drum solo from Paice in Lazy or six-minute keyboard solo by Lord all make for an interesting performance one which many didn’t think could happen considering the bands peak and the turmoil within at one point. If you’re a long time Purple fan, you NEED to check out this performance simply to take a sneak peak in time, a wrinkle of greatness was again rekindled and shared live on stage, chemistry that can only be had when you make great music, and this line up was responsible for so many of those moments early on in their careers.



Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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