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Reds’cool – Bad Story Review


Released by: Music Buy Mail

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Roman – Vocals

Ilija – Guitars

Sergei – Guitars

Alex – Bass

Andre – Drums



1. Bite

2. Hey You

3. Confession

4. Love and Pain

5. Feel You

6. Upside Down

7. You Must Go

8. Fooling Myself

9. Bad Bad Story


Fans of AOR Hard Rock rejoice for there is a new band right up our ally! They are called Reds’cool and hail from Russia. I’m sure hearing hard rock and Russia in the same breath might strike fear in some, causing flashbacks to the band Gorky Park from the 80’s (good band, but more or less a footnote in the history of music and typically viewed as a joke despite being pretty decent in my estimation.) On their second release Bad Story the band has delivered a highly polished and extremely catchy album. They weren’t on my radar with their first release, so I’m going to put them on yours with this one.

When I say polished, I mean the production is stellar on this album. Of course when you have someone like Michael Wagener mixing and mastering the album, what else would one expect but it to sound amazing. Everything that made the latter part of 80’s hard rock so awesome was the exceptional production work. Producer Jack Benzin did a marvelous job and makes an excellent team with Wagener. This definitely hearkens back to those days. Yet excellent production can’t save a bad album. Lucky for Reds’cool and their current and future fans, their music is exceptional. You’ve got songs in the same vein as Jaded Heart, Bonfire, Talisman, and any other big name band of the AOR genre. Every song on this album is catchy as hell with excellent chorus’, wonderful riffs, and great vocals. And even though it sounds like yet another band going the “throwback” route nothing could be further from the truth. Even with songs like “Fooling Myself,” “Love and Pain,” and “Bite” taking the listener back to the good old days of music, the album sounds completely fresh and vibrant. The honesty in Reds’cool’s performances and obvious passion for what they’re doing takes them to the next level aurally.

I can’t stress enough, I absolutely love this album. People got excited about bands like Jet, Buckcherry, and The Darkness for bringing back old fashioned hard rock, but Reds’cool does it better. Trust me on this. I enjoy Jet and Buckcherry (absolutely hate The Darkness,) but this is the band that should be in your CD player. RIGHT NOW! Fans of kick ass AOR Hard Rock need this album in their collection as quickly as possible, and now I am going to find their first release so I can check it out as well.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10

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