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Deicide – In the Minds of Evil Review


Released by: Century Media

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Death Metal



Line Up:

Glen Benton

Steve Asheim

Kevin Quirion

Jack Owen



01. In The Minds Of Evil

02. Thou Begone

03. Godkill

04. Beyond Salvation

05. Misery Of One

06. Between The Flesh And The Void

07. Even The Gods Can Bleed

08. Trample The Cross

09. Banished By Evil

10. Kill The Light Of Christ

11. End The Wrath Of God


Killer of God to give the bands meaning is what they have been promoting since the early nineties with their out and out blasphemy and publicity stunts have easily outdone any other metal band. Main man Glen Benton has been branding an upside cross into his forehead for years which, as you would expect, has given the band a lot of attention and translated into album sales garnering them with the status of the second biggest selling death metal band. Cannibal Corpse hold top spot with over a million sales. They also have a few classic albums under their belt and one of the genres ultimate classics in their debut self titled album.

Success through impiety you could say! But has this been maintained up until this new album. yes and no. The blasphemy is still there and the controversy is to but more in the form of annoying promoters by cancelling tours than killings squirrels when being interviewed. The music has staying pretty much the same over the years only more refined and polished which they perfected on 2006’s ‘’ The Stench of Redemption’’ which they have yet to surpass in the later period albums.

‘’In the Mind of Evil’’ is a very groove orientated material like everything they have done since ‘’The Stench of Redemption’’, which will appeal to newer fans of the genre but will alienate the fans of the early acidic guitar sounds made on ‘’Legion’’ and the debut which now sound primordial in comparison to this album.

But things have moved on and so have the band going in a more accessible direction and ‘’In the Mind of Evil’’ is solid if unspectacular offering which is certainly better than there last few with a few line up changes possibly diminishing their power slightly. So a step in the right or left direction for a band that will always get attention and not just because of the music.

Having met Glen Benton briefly before they went on stage at a small club date in Nottingham many moons ago it is quite unsettling meeting a man who is so outwardly happy sporting such branding on his forehead. I don’t recall him whistling ‘’off to work we go’’ but I like to think it wasn’t far from his mind (of evil!)



Written by Garry Brooks

Ratings    Garry    7/10

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