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Mindfeeder – Endless Storm Review


Released by: Metalodic Records

Release Date: January 13th, 2014

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Leo: Vocals

Nuno: Guitars

Piri: Guitars

Ricardo Martins: Keyboards

Henrique Sobral: Drums

Sergio Themudo: Bass Guitar



1. The Call

2. Endless Storm

3. Colors of The Skie

4. 1628

5. Feed Your Mind

6. Together

7. Memories

8. Our Side of Life


Portuguese band Mindfeeder was officially born when they recorded their first demo “Rise from the Flames” in the end of 2003. 2.5 years later Mindfeeder released the EP “Mind Revolution”. In 2012 the band records their first full-length album “Endless Storm” which was engineered and edited by Keyboarder Ricardo Martins and mixed, Mastered and co-produced by famous musician, sound engineer and producer Piet Sielk (Iron Savior) who also plays some guitars and performs vocal parts. “Endless Storm” was originally self-released by the band in 2013 but it is really worth of a label release. Fortunately Metalodic Records will release this album in 2014, January 13th.

The band plays Melodic Power with Epic and Heavy Metal influences and sometimes with semi-Progressive elements. They’re mostly foreshadows of European Power Metal bands especially with strong Helloween/Gamma Ray influences which are undoubtedly noticeable in the distinctive twin guitar solos. However some US Metal influences could be also heard here, elements of Manowar and Iced Earth-like riffs and choruses in certain songs come to mind.

The album opens with “The Call” which really starts with phone tones and quickly turns into intensive Power Metal with impressive rich choruses and some epic touches. It is a very good beginning that gives a right mood to the whole album. The title song “Endless Storm” contains solid guitar riffs with bright keyboards and almost growl back vocals. Chorus is very nice again and I could say that such choruses are the trademark of Mindfeeder. “Colours of the Skies” has both very fast and slower parts including impressive chorus with female vocals. Harpsichord keys are very good too though this theme is a bit familiar (it reminds me Gamma Ray “One with the World”). Nevertheless this is an excellent track. “1628” is a mid-tempo number with epic touch and some speed-up moments (especially at the end). There are several classical Power Metal solos with catchy melodies.

The fifth track “Feed Your Mind” is a traditional up-tempo Euro Power Metal that features all best points of this genre. It goes without saying once more about the superb chorus and great twin guitar solo. Even calm Piano outro works fine here. It is the best song here to my very humble opinion. Piet Sielk sings some parts in the next track “Together” and his mighty voice is clearly recognizable here. This song is generally fast but some slow-downs are quite good here and it has the most pompous bridge and posh chorus. “Memories” is an Epic in 4 parts and in many aspects it is closer to Iced Earth such as some similar riffings, slow atmospheric breaks and variable vocals in the best traditions of Matt Barlow. The song is not very fast as previous ones but sometimes getting faster with powerful riffs. I could mark impressive background keys. It is very good however the drive is slightly lost here. The last track “Our Side of Life” sounds totally different. It is more commercial and melodic. It is not very fast song again but very bright and positive with happy keys. Some parallels with Freedom Call could be heard here. Cool piano chords at the last minute are really nice. This is very pleasant yet unexpected song from the band.

The production of the album is decent, musicians are skilled and creative. Vocals are really variable from low to high, sometimes a bit hysterical, many guests help to create a rich sonic palette. Synthesizer parts are widely used and it enriches the whole sound. It is awesome work for the debut full-length release. The guys really know how to write bright and pompous Power Metal hymns. I am sure that “Endless Storm” should be liked to all fans of Power Metal.



Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    9/10

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