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As we try to compile a list of top 5 albums in his 2013 year, it’s evidently clear that this year is been memorable and has featured it’s share of great and let’s be fair, disappointing albums. But before we get into best music, let’s talk about some of the biggest stories that rocked the genres. The Rock and Metal world was saddened with the loss of former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, and of course Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman, on a high note Black Sabbath made a return to life from the darkness, as they released another album embarked on a massive world tour, you saw Queensryche split and go in completely separate directions perhaps for the better, and Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe court battle came to a resolution. Just some among the frenzy and unwavering  touring life that saw so many great bands kicking it live. No doubt that for us as a publication, will be very busy in 2014 with many new hot acts, great live tours and we shall strive to bring you the best of both worlds of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

As those seemed to be some of the top news of the year, we also witnesses some great music throughout the remainder of 2013; and here we asked the Myglobalmind staff writers/contributors to submit their own list of top 5 rock/metal albums of 2013.  Yes no list is perfect and some albums could be listed as *noteworthy or memorable mentions, but this year we wanted to keep things simple, top 5 albums to give you guys a broad scope of our writers variety of musical tastes and music versatility. Hope you enjoy the list and here’s a toast to an even greater 2014 just around the corner.



Top 5 Rock and Metal Albums 2013



Founder/CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Senior Staff Writer


1. Black Star Riders – All Hell Breaks Loose

2. Oliva – Raise the Curtain

3. Stratovarius – Nemesis

4. Eden’s Curse – Symphony of Sin

5. DGM – Momentum



Senior Staff Writer


1. Ayreon – The Theory Of Everything

2. Illusion Suite – The Iron Cemetery

3. Armory – Empyrean Realms

4. Vandroya – One

5. Dream Theater – S/T



Senior Staff Writer/Interviewer


1. Ashes of Ares – Self Titled

2. Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise

3. The Temperance Movement – Self Titled

4. The Dead Daisies – Self Titled

5. FM – Rockville



Senior Staff Writer


1. Dream Theater – s/t

2. Stryper – No More Hell To Pay

3. Fates Warning – Darkness in a Different Light

4. Tony Harnell & the Wildflowers- s/t

5. Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods



Staff Writer


1. Avantasia – The Mystery of Time

2. Pretty Maids – Motherland

3. Reckless Love – Spirit

4. Robin Beck – Underneath

5. Shylock – Walking Tall



Senior Staff Writer


1. Spock’s Beard – Brief nocturnes and dreamless sleeps

2. Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

3. Alter Bridge – Fortress

4. Orphaned Land – All is one

5. Ayreon – Theory of everything



Staff Writer

big big train cover

1. Big Big Train – English Electric: Full Power

2. Circle Of Illusion – Jeremias [Foreshadow Of Forgotten Realms]

3. Queensryche – self-titled  

4. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Found 

5. TesseracT – Altered State



Staff Writer


1. Ulver – Messe I.X-IV.X 

2. Esmerine – Dalmak 

3. Midday Veil – The Current 

4. Earthless – From The Ages 

5. Henryspenncer – Saturn





1. Battle Beast – Battle Beast

2. Powerwolf – Preachers of the Night

3. Unisonic – Unisonic

4. FM – Rockville (I & II together)

5. Queensryche – Queensryche





1. In Solitude – Sister

2. Watain – The Wild Hunt

3. Tribulation – The Formulas of Death

4. Necrophobic – The Womb of Lilithu

5. Enforcer – Death by Fire





1. HIM – Tears on Tape

2. Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood

3. Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies

4. Black Sabbath – 13

5. Alice in Chains – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here



Staff Writer


1. U.D.O. – Steelhammer 

2. Mourning Beloveth – Formless

3. Motorhead – Aftershock

4. Altar of Plagues – Teethed Glory and Injury

5. Bolzer – Aura



Facebook Admin/Contributor


1. Hardcore Superstar – C’mon Take On Me

2. Vengeance – Piece Of Cake

3. Wardrum – Messenger

4. Airbourne – Black Dog Barking

5. Bai Bang – All Around The World



Staff Writer


1. Hammerforce – Access Denied

2. Majesty of Revival – Iron Gods

3. Protest the Hero – Volition

4. Nautiluz – Leaving All Behind

5. Enforcer – Death by Fire


Barry “Zeezee” Dawson

Senior Staff Writer


1. The Temperance Movement – Self Titled

2. The Dead Daisies –  Self Titled

3. Armory – Empyrean Realms

4. Vangough – Between the Madness

5. Royal Hunt – A Life to Die For



Staff Writer


1. Edenbridge – The Bonding

2.Touchstone – Oceans Of Time

3. DGM – Momentum

4. Alter Bridge – Fortress

5. Barbe-Q-Barbies – Breaking All The Rules

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  1. Thanks Travis, finally someone mentions Illusion Suite! I could not stop playing this album this year. I hope they get more recognition.

  2. Definitely Edenbridge – The Bonding. Amorphis – Circle should have been on this page somwhere though!


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