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Mountain Throne – Stormcoven Review


Released by: Cyclone Empire

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Metal/Doom Metal



Line Up:

H. – Bass

J. – Drums

A. – Guitars

F. – Vocals



1. Spirits of Fate

2. Stormcoven

3. Winter

4. Morningstar Iconoclast

5. Priestess of the Old

6. On the Mountain Throne

7. Where Alchemy Thrived

8. Totem

Ancient Heavy Metal is how this band is described but they aren’t as obscure as that tag sounds. We don’t need another sub genre of metal; there is a million already, Mountain Throne play heavy metal with a heavy dose of doom and a few twists thrown in. The members have a lot of experience from other bands that you will not have heard of but this is where it pays off, everything clicks and feels effortless.

Mountain Throne influences are apparent and executed with precision. ‘’Winter’’ is pure Candlemass with the heavy Black Sabbath influence in the string bends that Iommi invented not to mention the early Sabbath era bass sound on the slow songs. The band can through a curveball in on track ‘’Morningstar Iconoclast’’ a track that has schizoid hardcore feel to it. The aforementioned Candlemass is the biggest overall influence but when they speed up I can hear a distinct change to a Steve Harris bass twang in the mix on the faster numbers especially ‘’ Spirits of Fate’’ and ‘Priestess of the Old’. Songs like ‘’Stormcover’’ are designed for the front row to pump their fists to at the rail with its instant swagger and hook.

The songs are well formed from the bands classic influences and give the feeling they have been lived with for while to make them the best they can and it shows. For fans of the biggest classic metal bands will not be disappointed and I would strongly recommend this album on vinyl as the presentation benefits from the larger format for the cool logo and album art.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    8/10




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