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Sister – Disguised Vultures Review


Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release Date:  January 21st, 2014

Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock/Metal



Line Up:

Jamie – Vocals

Rikki – Bass

Tim – Guitar

Cari – Drums



‘My Enemy’


‘Disguised Vultures’


‘We Salute ‘Em’

‘Slay Yourself’



‘(Stop The) Revolution’

‘Please Kill Me’


Sleazy glam rock is the order of the day here on Sister second. All the songs are designed to get a young festival crowd jumping up and down while the older crowd will furrow there brows and say ‘’ I heard that the first time it was round’’

Its fun easy to listen to and infectious and will have even the most hardened metal head humming along in an involuntary fashion after the first few tracks. Weather it has any staying power when the quick sugar hit wears off is another question as none of the songs particularly stand out apart from ‘’Please Kill Me’’ which has a certain snotty punk vibe towards the sure will relate to a teen audience.

It’s hard to know where Sister go next in this style but with a lead singer who is a dead ringer for Wednesday 13 Sister will surely fill the void left by Murderdolls both visually and musically. A gap in the market so to speak that Sister have the chops to fill comfortable.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    6/10

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