Interview with David Reece (Vocals) (Ez Livin, Bangalore Choir, solo and ex Accept)

DR- Playing Guitar Hero is not playing guitar! It is a struggle, there is a lot of talent out there, believe in yourself, strive to achieve your best, never...

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Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine




Hi David, firstly thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us at Myglobalmind.

DR- Hey Mark, Pleasure to to chat with you.

Q1.Your latest musical offering is with the band Ez Livin. Were you previously familiar with the band and their history? How did you come to link up with Hans and record the album? Did you actively contribute to the lyrical writing for the release or was it already written? Will they become a full time project for you musically, or will you continue to operate in other musical guises? Eg solo, Bangalore Choir..

DR- Well I had met Hans Ziller before with Bonfire at Firefest while I was with Bangalore Choir in 2010. We hung and chatted a bit then and I was familiar with Bonfire. Love their stuff. That is kind of how this all started, there was another project with Michael Voss I was singing on and Hans was playing guitar. So when Hans was looking for a singer for EZ Livin’ Michael suggested he talk to me. Except for the remakes, yes I co-wrote them with John Wilde. Of course I will still do my solo work, I will never stop being me. Hans and I worked very well together and we will see where it takes us.

Q2.You have had a wide and varied musical career,generally in the field of melodic rock with your solo and Bangalore Choir releases. However 1 album that appears to have differed and a release that I personally have is your “Eat the Heat “with Accept. How did you come to join Accept in what many would have viewed as a clear musical departure for you. Did you view it as a new challenge and did that bring a huge amount of expectation and pressure as they were already an internationally established band with a huge legacy? Did you not feel it musically restrictive that there already was a defined “Accept”sound.?

DR- Well I was a change Accept was looking to make at that point in their careers. Of course it was incredible amount of pressure and expectations! I mean Accept was huge at the time and their fans loved UDO. So it was not going to be an easy task for me at all, almost unfair to be honest. But I just did what I do and did the best I could. It actually made it even more difficult for me because not only was Accept changing a singer that everyone loved they were trying to change their sound. A great experience but an uphill battle all the way around.

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Q3. I particularly enjoyed the Reece Kronlund album “Solid”which was a very strong release,any plans to reactivate that particular partnership?

DR- Well not strictly that partnership, but yes Martin and I still work together and are great friends. He contributed on the “Compromise” album, not so much in a writing aspect but on the technical side. So I could see Martin being involved in some aspect in the future.

Q4. How do you view your extensive musical legacy? Any particular highs and lows during your time in the music industry. What particular key life lessons has it taught you?

DR- Of Course Accept was a huge high! It really broke me out of where I was at the time. I guess the low was when I decided to take a break for a few years. It taught me that I am doing what I need to be doing, making music. That was kind of the basis of the song “Where My Heart Belongs” from my last solo record. You know, your where will lead you to where you belong just follow your heart.

Q5. If you were not a rock singer what would you be?

DR- Probably in the mountains somewhere hunting.

Q6. What in your life are you most proud of?

DR- My two daughters and my grand daughter they are good human beings. Also my determination to accomplish what I set out to do.

Q7. What can David Reece do that nobody else can?

DR- Fart Another One Bites the Dust in tune…haha that’s a tough one.. I guess do my best and give it my all and if it’s not the best, I will get better.

Q8. What do you complain about, what annoys or even angers you?

DR- People that don’t try or just give up bothers me. People trying to take what I’ve earned angers me. Like illegally downloading music angers me. I work hard at what I do, as do other musicians and for some website to steal it from us and give it away for their gain drives me crazy. How can a pro musician make a living if they can’t get paid? If people don’t stop doing it there will be no pro musicians left. Quality of music will really go downhill. Please everyone support live music!!! it is all we have left and that is slowly going downhill as well.

Q9. What are the best and worst songs that you have recorded.Do you have copies of your own releases,and do you go back and revisit them?

DR- I never look at songs that way. If don’t think they are good I don’t record them. I don’t ever really listen to my stuff except if I need to rehearse something.

Q10. What is the meaning of life?

DR- Money… unfortunately…. I guess when we die and go to heaven God will give us those answers that confused us here.

Q11. How have you changed since you first stared in music?

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DR- When I first started out I had big dreams and hopes probably just like everyone else does. But there is a reality that you just don’t get until you have lived it. I have grown in many ways since I started in this business and even had to take a break to figure it all out. I’ve grown as a person and matured as a musician. I am in the best place I could possibly be following my heart.

Q12. What advice would you give to a kid starting out that wants to be a rock singer, in a world were reality type music shows eg the Voice are all they may know.

DR- Playing Guitar Hero is not playing guitar! It is a struggle, there is a lot of talent out there, believe in yourself, strive to achieve your best, never give up and practice practice practice!

Q13. Have you ever felt intimidated by other singers, or are you confident in your own personal abilities?

DR- I never feel intimidated by anyone. I believe in myself and I can run with the best of them.

Q14. Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

DR- When I retire from music I hope to own my own ranch running cattle and a few horses.

Q15. If you could be the interviewer and interview any personal hero living or dead, not necessarily a musician-who would you pick, why,and what would you ask them?

DR- I would like to interview Abraham Lincoln and listen to how he managed in such a turbulent time and still managed his wits. There was a lot to that man and his vision of one nation. Everyone was pulling in different directions. His country needed a leader and he was just that, a true leader. I could think of many throughout history that would be fascinating, speaking of US presidents, another would be Dwight D Eisenhower, to think how he struggled living with the knowledge of his choices sacrificing peoples lives for a common good. I could go on forever with religious figures.

Thanks very much David for taking the time to chat to Myglobalmind, hope to see you on the road soon.

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