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Sahg – Delusions of Grandeur Review


Released by: Plastichead Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Doom/Metal



Line Up:

Olav Iversen – Vocals, Guitar

Thomas Tofthagen – Guitars

Tony Vetaas – Bass

Thomas Lønnheim – Drums



1. Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe

2. Blizzardborne

3. Firechild

4. Walls Of Delusion

5. Ether

6. Then Wakens The Beast

7. Odium Delirium

8. Sleeper’s Gate To The Galaxy


“From becoming increasingly psychopathic and dominant, he loses touch with everyone around him and isolates into his own imaginary, psychotic world, where he becomes the almighty ruler of the universe. As he stands on the highest peak of his domain and beholds all that he has conquered, he suddenly slips off the edge and floats away, weightless. Helpless and stripped of all power, he drifts further into the open space, until he disappears into the darkness. It’s an album about how desire for power and property can distort and destroy who we are’’

Olav quote from Blabbermouth article August 2013.

The concept of the album described by the front man Olav introduces you to the world of Sahg’s new album. A largely unknown entity in the rock / metal world but this is sure to change with this album.

With the subject matter of the album it is hard to not to mention Hawkwind who have an influence here. The album starts of with the most accessible track and single ‘Slip off the Edge of the Universe’, an accessible catchy riff and crescendo vocal line that if with some radio play would land this band in the spotlight.

The rest of the album does not follow this format and incorporates a mixture of Led Zeppelin guitar work drowned in space rock. There is a large dose of Mastodon here as well in the heavy slower riffs, which may lend them mainstream success. To top it off Olav is a good singer and gives the vocals as much exploration as the music.

This is an album that has staying power and I suspect repeated listens might reveal further intricacies.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    8/10

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