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Fireroad – I Got Sound Review


Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Richard Jones Vocals, Guitar,

Gavin Davies Guitar Vocals,

Tim Jones Bass Vocals,

Matthew Whitney Drums Vocals



I Got Sound

Find A Way

Leave My Heart

Line Me Up

Before The Matinee

Never Wrong

Falling Down


Swinging Brick

Knock It Away



For fans of: Cinderella, Stereophonics, Foo Fighters, Green Day

Opening (and title) track of ‘I Got Sound’ begins with the crackle and hiss of needle on vinyl. When the guitar and bass kick in, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a new release from Cinderella such is the old school blues rock feel portrayed.

Richard Jones’ vocals however do not suggest a lifetime of whiskey, cigarettes and woe and thus give the rest of the track a life and identify all of its’ own. Their Facebook page states influences range from Robert Johnson to the Foo Fighters. Johnson was clearly present in spirit when ‘I Got Sound’ was written and as we reach track two ‘Find A Way’ the loose playing, speed, energy and ability to charge through a track that Dave Grohl and team excel at also comes through.

‘Leave my Heart’ has the soft acoustic guitar / lead guitar split intro that can be found on so many Cinderella tracks. But as quickly as I think that I know where this song will go, the style switches up and we find ourselves listening to a track that would not be out of place on an album by fellow Welshmen Sterophonics. (A little bit of research shows that Rich Jones and Kelly Jones played together in a pre-Stereophonics band called Tragic Love Company so the style / influences are not surprising really).

In normal circumstances you’d be forgiven for assuming that the bluesy style of Cinderalla, modern rock of Stereophoics and Foo Fighters would just be a shambolic mess but this works well and the blend actually provides the listener with a unique experience, something missing from a lot of new music these days.

Just as we see these ‘conflicting’ styles coming together the band then deliberately throws in the afore mentioned shambolic mess. But this is a shambolic mess that sounds just right. The vocal range required on ‘Line Me Up’ pushes Richard Jones very hard but he comes through unscathed and the rest of the band join in with a very punk tinged charge through the track. Looking at influences on the band’s website, I’m thinking that Matt Whitney had some influence on this one.

The Small Faces and Stereophonics influences pervade again on ‘Before the Matinee’. ‘Never Wrong’ has a great guitar lick intro and the perfect bass line to support it from Tim Jones. On ‘Falling Down’ a track surely co-written by Billy Joe Armstrong, the band again let their punky energy loose and on the chorus there’s even a feel of Dogs D’Amour ‘I Don’t Want You To Go’ which will translate very well to the live scene.

‘Sundown’ continues with a good gravelly vocal from Rich Jones and ‘Swinging Brick’ repeats the Green Day-esque feel. ‘Knock it Away’ allows Matt Whitney to lead from behind the drum kit and has again a Dogs D’Amour feel with Gavin Davies’ excellent guitar work.

A drop more whiskey, a tobacco habit and some time living rough and I think Rich Jones could nail the Tom Keifer / Tyla style perfectly. Possibly not the healthiest route to travel but worth considering!

After the energetic blast through the last few tracks, final track ‘Rain Water’ brings the listener back to earth to draw breath and settle down to a beautiful acoustic guitar led track. A little bit of piano work in the back ground and some very subtle bass to help keep time help draw the album to a peaceful satisfied conclusion.

Overall a great mixture of styles that truly look out of place on paper but work so well when combined. The influences the band note on their website are markedly different between individual members and prove how well a four piece can work together when they all get to bring their own ideas to the table.


Written by Adrian

Ratings    Adrian    8/10

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