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The Smoking Flowers – 2 Guns Review

the smoking guns_cover

Released by: Bandaloop Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock/Country



Line Up:

Kim Collins

Scott Collins


Kim and Scott Collins are a married couple and both amazingly talented multi-instrumentalists and singer-songwriters, so the fact they are the core of the band THE SMOKING FLOWERS is making them sorta like THE WHITE STRIPES, but then musically a little bit different, because they are coming out of the Nashville area and play a mix of Rock and Country, yet with a dark rockin’ edge and moving into different areas a lot of times throughout their debut album ‘2 Guns’. A song like “The juggler” for example is midtempo and rocking quite hard, so this should actually not be called Country at all, because it is more akin to the aforementioned THE WHITE STRIPES. And “White flags” is a song that rocks as hard as LED ZEPPELIN did in the 1970s. Anyway, in total we can find 13 beautiful songs that either rock hard like a mix between the mentioned bands or touch the Classic Countrysound. The arrangements are terrific, vocally both can sing very well and together the harmonyvocals make it all sound quite sensational. Kim’s voice even reminds me of ANN WILSON sometimes, so she has a strong Rockish tone in her voice and especially during the songs “Something I said” and “Young mind” it almost feels like we’re listening to 1970s HEART and that is a huge compliment! However, most of the time the band creates a mix of classic Americana/Country and traditional 70s Classic Rock, ending up sounding like a very interesting cocktail that includes ingredients of bands like LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHITE STRIPES, 70s HEART and EMMYLOU HARRIS. This should definitely make you hungry.


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10

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