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Protest the Hero live at Electric Ballroom in London, England on February 7th, 2014

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 Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Sarah Tsang (Photographer/Live Gig reporter Myglobalmind Webzine




Protest the Hero have come a long way from their last album and it is something that should be commended that was evidently shown in tonight’s show. From leaving their previous label, and becoming independent, and putting their trust in to the fan’s hands , they raised their goal through Indiegogo which became their newly promoted album, Volition. Despite the departure of their former drummer leaving the band, this wasn’t  a deterrence and the outfit was not kept from becoming something of a force to be reckoned with.

The Safety Fire





The sold out show at Electric Ballroom was filled to the brim, with an air of anticipation in which the support bands had left the audience before hand, especially Tesseract, who are becoming one of the biggest bands in the rock scene. The success of the promotion of Volition, has led to this tour , this show was going to be something big for the band and the fans. A glance of the stage, showed the album cover that hanged at the back to tell the fans who they were definitely seeing.




Protest the Hero opened with “Underbite”, a song from Volition, in turn it led the whole venue to transform in to a buzzing frenzy, which is how dedicated these fans are to know and sing the words of the new album.

Among the flashing lights on stage, there was a definite stage presence from all band members, especially from Arif Mirabdolbaghi, his facial expressions as he played the bass were amusing to watch and it is a constant reminder , that you don’t always have to act so serious on stage and just have fun. In a way, from their performances you could call them a party band, or just a band that knows how to give back to their fans, which is something positive to see.

As the band played “Sequoia Throne”, there was a surge of ecstatic mayhem rippling through the crowd, as Rody Walker blasted through the song with guttural screams and the band with heavy riffs. The fans sang back at Walker with much gusto , this led to crowd surfers and a clear love for the band.

Throughout the show, Walker interacted with the fans, through jokes, stories, making paper airplanes (which failed to fly past the barrier) and there was their usual “Hunk of the day” which is where they picked a fan to come on stage for a beer and a photo.

Other song highlights were “Bloodmeat”, “Bury the Hatchet” and “C’est la vie” , where each song had given their own defining moments of crazy and loud , to the point of personal renewed love for the music that took me to places.

The band ended the show with Blindfolds aside, and as I look around, each face of the fan, showed the satisfaction of what Protest the Hero has thrown at them.

Protest the Hero are the definition of what fun is.


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