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Infinite Tales – Generation Of The Last Review

Infinite Tales - Generation Of The Last cover

Released By: Self-Released

Release Date: January 1, 2014

Genre: Melodic Death Metal



Line Up:

Zolik (Zoltan Forkosh) – Harsh Vocals

Kiwi (Victoria Revko) – Female Vocals

Glorf (Ingwar Dovgoteles) – Guitar

Nazar (Nazariy Ustiannik) – Guitar

Koma (Dmitriy Bondarenko) – Bass

Max (Maxim Kononenko) – Drums



1. Generation Of The Last

2. 667

3. Pandemic Of Anger

4. The First Rainy Day Of Your Last Summer

5. Infection

6. Breaking The System

7. Dethmarch

8. Revolution

9. The Final Act Of Freedom

10. Before Our Last Stand

11. Killing The Kindness In Ourselves

12. Funeral Theme


There’s a sad and harsh reality to being a metal fan, which is that for every successful metal band who can make a living just off their music and from touring, there are hundreds of less fortunate bands who go widely unnoticed, some of whom can’t even find a label to sign them. One such band is Infinite Tales, and I certainly hope the future has better things for them, because their sophomore album Generation Of The Last is simply too good for them not to get more recognition if there’s any justice in this world.

At their core, Infinite Tales are a fairly traditional melodic death metal band, and even though they’re from Ukraine, their music certainly has many similarities to some of the great Swedish melodic death metal bands. The songs on Generation Of The Last are mostly very fast and obviously very melodic, but they throw in a lot of surprises. At a first glance their songs seem to be fairly simple, but the more I listen to this album the more details I start to notice. Almost every song can be broken into several sections, with the tempo changing constantly throughout, with a perfect balance between aggression and melody, speed and atmosphere. I was initially a bit concerned that every song felt too similar, but over time I’ve grown to love the album enough to no longer think of that as a problem, plus I do consider several tracks as being standouts.

One thing Infinite Tales does a bit differently is with their approach to vocals. It’s certainly not surprising anymore for there to be a harsh male vocalist paired up with a clear singing female vocalist, but while many bands that do this tend to limit the female vocals to slow, calm sections, this band mixes up their vocals constantly even during the fastest and most intense sections of the album. I find especially in this genre that most of the time the music wouldn’t be terribly different if they only used one vocal style, where with Generation Of The Last I feel both styles are required on every song to get the full effect. The harsh vocals are handled by Zoltan Forkosh, who does a great job throughout, and manages to be very powerful and epic throughout. Sometimes he even does some very high pitched shrieks that some may find annoying, though I think they sound pretty cool. Female vocals are handled by Victoria Revko, whose voice is absolutely stunning, and while she certainly does an amazing job at sounding beautiful on the calmer and more atmospheric sections, she’s just as good at sounding more powerful and intense during the heavier parts. For me, the constant vocal exchanges between Zoltan and Victoria are the highlights of the album, and while I think both are great, I’d say Victoria’s voice is my single favorite thing about this album.

As mentioned above, the songwriting on this album tends to follow a specific formula, in that just about every song has some very speedy sections, but there’s also a lot going on throughout, and the band likes to change up the tempo constantly, so some of the arrangements are complex and there’s certainly some slight progressive elements throughout. My favorite song is “Infection”, where Victoria starts off with a very fast and intense verse, possibly her most powerful section on the entire album, then Zoltan comes in for one hell of an epic chorus, in what definitely is his shining moment. In case the song wasn’t already awesome enough, towards the end there’s an even more intense sequence where Zoltan takes the lead and Victoria does some operatic vocals in the background.

Other highlights include the more straight-forward “Dethmarch”, which is probably the fastest and heaviest song on the album, the excellent opening title track which does an excellent job of introducing us to the band’s sound and their dynamic vocal duo, the extremely epic combo of “Pandemic Of Anger” and “The First Rainy Day Of Your Last Summer”, and the amazing closer “Funeral Theme”, which starts off with a very calm and beautiful ballad-ish section where Victoria really gets to shine, and on the whole it probably is the softest song on the album and is possibly her best song, though Zoltan still has some highlights as well.

Generation Of The Last is an instant classic that is highly recommended for any melodic death metal fans, and fans of female vocals in metal. I really hope Infinite Tales find a label and that they get more attention in the future, because they certainly deserve it, as this album is absolutely fantastic.

The album can be streamed or downloaded for free on their official Soundcloud page:


Written by Travis

Ratings    Travis    10/10

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