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Seventrain – Seventrain Review


Released by: So Cal Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Jon Campos: Vocals,

Eric Horton: Guitar,

Jef Poremba: Guitar,

Joel Maitoza: Drums & Percussion,

Steve (Dino) Andino: Bass




‘Rays Of The Sun’






‘Bittersweet Seduction’

‘How Does It Feel’

‘Carry The Cross’

‘Let It Out’


Southern Cal Hard Rock/Metal act Seventrain has wasted not time belting out some tightly crafted chops from the git got on their self title debut. Led by drummer Joel Maitoza, former Cage guitar player Eric Horton, guitarist Jeff Poremba, bass player Steve Andino and last but not least the hardcore vocals of Jon Campos. Always a tough task to deliver something new in the Hard Rock field, these guys bring a blue collar style to the table, with a mix of blues and soulful grind combined with a tight rhythm section.

If you are looking for something groundbreaking in sound or performance you aren’t going to find it here, but if you keep an open mind and just let the music sync in, you will find plenty of good chops are being presented by a tight outfit. Check the first real crusher in “Rays of the Sun” with a nice guitar lead and some up front and center vocals by vocalist Campos. The heavier licks continue with “Change”, a rebellious number with another strong guitar lead and some tasty solos along the way.

One of the top cuts on the record come via the more melodic tempo builder in “Broken”, more soulful vocals give way here to another buildup in guitar lead with more assistance from nice bass work and drum work, overall a nice song which delivers more substance and it stand out overall for me. The heartfelt vocals of the song “Pain” is another nicely played number, a great rhythm section again, perfect vibe and a good example of the style that works great for these guys, slow more moody stuff mixed with a heavier back end, good stuff. The straight forward grinding tune of “Never” showcases a nice job done by the backing vocals which make the song stand out a bit as well.

For my buck the two guitar players Horton and Paromba do a great job here on this Seventrain’s debut, the drum work is solid as heck and vocals although not extraordinary, they do the job and it holds the tunes in place overall. One of those releases that will probably go under the radar, but it shouldn’t which is why we are reviewing today. A group some potential of experience musicians and with a little more sharpening in the songwriting department, I would love to hear what they have to offer further down the grapevine.



Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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