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Valkyre – Our Glorious Demise Review


Released by: Valkyrie Rising

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Claudia Michelutti: Vocals

Kris Scheerlinck : Guitars

Erik Vanhauwaert : Guitars

Tom Everaert : Bass

Nele Colle : Keyboards & additional vocals

Peter Van Sweevelt : Drums




Call Of The Valkyre

A Good Day To Die

Will U Be There

Walk My Love


Wide Awake


Whispering Thoughts

I Am Here


The Belgian band VALKYRE was formed 10 years ago and released a few demo CDs during the 2000s, but actually this new album ‘Our glorious demise’ clearly sets the record straight, because this is a superb typical female fronted melodic Symphonic Power Metal album in the style of EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, NIGHTWISH and such. Although it may not sound that original, the result is quite stunning and offers songs of a very high level. This band’s new album is without a doubt a must-have for anyone who is a fan of this type of Metal. The vocalwork of singer CLAUDIA MICHELUTTI is very strong and isntrumental everything sounds massive, as if we are listening to a major label release. Songs like the fast uptempo “Call of the Valkyre” and “Mother” and the terrific piano-led Melodic Rockballad “Walk my love” are all very sensational and VALKYRE now shows on this new album what they are able to do, which is releasing a very strong female fronted Melodic Metal record. At the moment VALKYRE might just be one of the best Metalbands active in Belgium! Hopefully they will be able to bring their live shows throughout Europe in the summer of 2014!


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10

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