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House of Lords – Precious Metal Review


Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date:

Europe: February 21th 2014

North America: February 24th 2014

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

House of Lords:

James Christian – Lead Vocals

Jimi Bell – Guitars

Chris McCarvill – Bass

BJ Zampa – Drums



01. Battle

02. I’m Breakin’ Free

03. Epic

04. Live Every Day (Like Its The Last)

05. Permission To Die

06. Precious Metal

07. Swimmin’ With The Sharks

08. Raw

09. Enemy Mine

10. Action

11. Turn Back The Tide

12. You Might Just Save My Life


No matter what the talking heads try to tell us, we’re still living in tough times. I don’t know about you, but money is still super scarce in my household. This is why I don’t readily plunk down my hard earned cash for something without sampling it first. Used to be I would spend a good portion of money on new music without a second thought back in my younger days. More times than not I would score some unknown gems that remains mainstays in my player. There are only a handful of bands still releasing new albums that I will easily buy without hearing a note of music because based on the band name alone I know that I will be getting quality. One of those bands is House of Lords. Since hitting the scene in 1988 as one of the first bands on the now defunct $immons Records label, I have been a huge fan.

Now with their 9th full length release on Frontiers Records, Precious Metal, the band is solid as ever, if singer James Christian is the only remaining original member. Though it isn’t necessarily their strongest album, it falls in line perfectly in their catalog. As usual you get such powerhouse melodic AOR rock songs like “Action,” Battle,” and “Epic” interspersed with the pre-requisite power ballads like “Live Every Day (Like It’s Your Last)” and “Turn Back the Tide.” You get an excellent album though it doesn’t break any new ground. Of course that is what makes House of Lords a band a music lover can count on. You know exactly what you’re going to get no matter who is playing the music. James Christian’s voice has always been the main staple of what makes this band work and his amazing abilities to write catchy songs doesn’t hurt either. Returning to the band is bassist Chris McCarvill after a brief departure. Also in the band are the guys who have been with House of Lords since returning in 2005, guitarist Jimi Bell, keyboards/songwriter Jeff Kent, and on drums BJ Zampa.

Truthfully I tend to frown upon a band that is just a vocalist with a backing band, but in the case of Lords as long as the sound of the songs remains true to the spirit of the band then I can live with that. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I am a lifelong fan of the music so maybe I’m just biased. House of Lords still remain an excellent source for top notch AOR melodic hard rock, and Precious Metal is another fine example of that. Though this may not be their best album ever, it’s still excellent.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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