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Lothloryen – Some Ways Back Some More Review


Released by: Power Prog Records

Release Date: February 28th, 2014

Genre: Folk/Heavy Metal



 Line Up:

Vocals: Daniel Felipe

Guitars: Leko Soares

Guitars: Tim Alan Wagner

Bass: Marshall Godde

Drums: Marcelo Benelli

Keyboards: Leo Godde



1. My Mind in Mordor

2. We Will Never Be the Same

3. One Ring

4. Hobbits’ Song

5. White Lies

6. Some Ways Back No More

7. Secret Time

8. My Grimoire

9. Unfinished Fairytale


Brazilian act Lothlöryen was formed in 2002 and since they have successfully released several long-plays. Last year the band decided to re-release its album “Some Ways Back No More” (2008) but the original idea has been developed and the album was fully re-recorded including new lead vocal lines performed by current singer Daniel Filipe. The renewed work got a slightly different name “Some Ways Back Some More” and will be released in 2014 February 28th by Power Prog Records.

It is no surprise that the band with a name Lothloryen inspired by Tolkien’s works plays Fantasy Folk Metal with Heavy and Power influences in the vein of Elvenking and Blind Guardian. I have listened to the original version of the album before the re-recorded one to feel all changes and innovations that musicians made with their songs. The arrangements were improved and extended, some parts changed, the sound became more powerful and decent. However the music and melodies have not been considerably changed but got new colors and shining moments.

The albums opens with “My Mind In Mordor” – Heavy mid-tempo song with powerful riffs in Grave Digger manner. Folk elements are not so dominate here but are present. This song is not so exciting but promising and has some interesting parts. The next track “We Will Never Be The Same” is more bright, melody and chorus are catchy, acoustic passages are good, folk influences are stronger. Some parallels could be found with Tolkien songs of Blind Guardian including back vocal parts. “One Ring” is a small track with spoken words about the Ring with acoustic passages. It was completely reworked and even renamed comparing with 2008-version.

Something comparable like “Hobbits’ Song” on such kind of releases may be expected, we get it here! It is funny how it is aptly named here as “real Hobbits live for Rock n´Roll”. The Song is a slightly up-tempo Heavy/Folk number with Hammond sounds used on the background. It is a positive and true track.

“Some Ways Back No More” is the fastest track here, it is significantly different from others because it is almost classical and happy Power Metal in the best traditions of the genre. The chorus is really awesome and solo is wonderful. Everything is right here, the track is excellent without any doubts.

“Secret Time” has many Progressive Metal influences with a lot of complex and varied rhythms and intensive drumming, some calm moments alternate with heavy ones, folk motives are heard in chorus. This is a solid song and again it differs from other tracks of the album. “White Lies” is a half-ballad track, at the beginning it reminds me in part to past Angra songs and has Prog Rock influences. The second part of the song contains some Heavy moments. It is expressive and emotional song. “My Grimoire” has Blind Guardian influences again, the original version even included back vocals which sounded exactly like they were sung by Hansi Kursch. However now it was slightly changed, the voice is still in Hansi’s manner but is not a clone. The song is not fast but Power Metal elements are noticeable here. I enjoy this song however it is slightly too long and the last minute is not really necessary here.

“Unfinished Fairytale” is the last, the longest and the best track here, grandiose Epic at its best. And it is not boring at all. After acoustic intro the song speed-ups, Power Metal guitars are very pleasant and bright. The song has a lot of different melodies, great guitar and even keyboard solos so the Progressive Metal elements are remarkable here. The chorus is superb too as it should be. Vocals are also varied including a few background growls. “Unfinished Fairytale” is a fantastic song, it is the implementation of the best ideas and moments of the band. It is impressed me very much, it is a really outstanding track, a true masterpiece.

So the album really became better than the original, all the musicians have done some great work, I especially would like to highlight new vocal parts which have been considerably improved. The production, mixing and sound are also better, more powerful and clean. The music is good and there are no any weak tracks, almost all songs are different and variable. However some of them are not so outstanding and impressive, two absolutely great songs (“Some Ways Back Some More” and the last one) are much better than others.

I am sure that the fans of Folk Power Metal and worshipers of Fantasy and Tolkien should check out this album without hesitation.



Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    8/10

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