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Ethereal Riffian – Aeonian Review


Released By : Nasoni Records, Jan 20th, 2014

Genre : Psychedelic, Progressive Stoner Doom

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Line Up:

Stonezilla – guitar/vocal

SAF – bass/beard/pillcrushery

Southman – guitar/sonic alchemy

Ship – drums/wakan tanka connection



1. Thugman (Sensation)

2. March of Spiritu (Rise of Sheol)

3. Wakan Tanka (Awareness)

4. Anatman (Oneness)


Ready for something completely different? Then read on…   ETHEREAL RIFFIAN are a four-piece act hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, who play an odd mix of stoner/doom laden with progressive elements and a huge dose of psychedelia. AEONIAN is the band’s second album, and features four tracks with a total running time of around forty-five minutes.

Now, this is definitely not the type of album you put on in the background whilst doing other tasks, AEONIAN demands your full attention for each listen. It’s a lights off, eyes closes, headphones in ears type of album that takes you on a journey. Speaking of taking you on a journey… The band also wrote a short novel to accompany the lyrics of the album and delve further into the storyline. It’s a great read even separate from the album, but if you go through it once before listening to AEONIAN it really does enhance the overall enjoyment level immensely.

The music on offer is built on a true stoner/doom base, with slow,brooding riffs of the chunky variety back-boning the entire album. But leaving it at that would be an injustice to the effort the band has made to create something unique. There is a very psychedelic feeling to the record also, and the way the songs are structured definitely adds a progressive rock vibe too. Then you have the vocals…which is where this get truly different. The lead singer, who calls himself “StoneZilla” has a voice not often heard in any form of rock & metal music. It’s almost like Gregorian Chat style singing mixed with some sort of robotic, industrial beast, but for some reason it really, works. The lyrics are as deep and intricate as you will ever find too. I must admit that even after reading the accompanying novel, during my first few listens I wasn’t really getting much out of the lyrical content, but soon after it all started clicking….Now I’m not going to go into any detail here about this side of things as I feel it’s something better left for everyone to discover in their own, let’s just say it’s a real “eye-opener” and leave it at that.

Aeonian really is something different, and if you like music that washes over your senses and transcends the typical format then this might be the album for you. With this album ETHEREAL RIFFIAN have really put up a good statement in the whole ‘music is/isn’t true art’ debate and it’s something that should be experienced by anybody that enjoys classy, progressive music in any of it’s multitude of different forms.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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