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Barbarian – Faith Extinguisher Review


Released By : Doomentia Records, Out Now!!!

Genre : Blackened Thrash Metal, Black & Roll, Old School Death Metal

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01. Faith Extinguisher

02. Inhale The Dead

03. Godless Amoral And Proud

04. Total Metal

05. Fools Of Golgotha

06. Crux Et Circenses

07. We Are The Profane


Technical riffs?…Nope. Orchestral Intro?…Nope. Progressive Tinges?…Nope. Modern Flair?…Nope. So what do Italian band BARBARIAN offer then?… Dirty, raw, relentless Deathy Thrash Metal with Black Metal influences that will kick you in the balls, rip your guts out and smash your teeth in.

FAITH EXTINGUISHER is a primal form of metal that owes much to bands like VENOM and CELTIC FROST, enough so that fans of either of those two bands could almost go out and get a copy of it without thinking. The raw production is a nice touch which does help give the album a more ‘back in the day’ type of feeling, but it doesn’t feel cheap or tacky, and the drums and bass have no problems punching through when they are most needed. Aiming toward an older sound also means that amongst the thrashy riffs, double kick drums and head-banging madness, there is also a more traditional element here with the occasional riff and guitar solo passage heading more toward an IRON MAIDEN sound, especially within the guitar rifs of FOOLS OF GOLGOTHA. Heck, the band even throw in a more tradtional doom metal sounding track titled CRUX ET CIRCENSES, which of course still features the more blackened style vovcal approach.

With a seven track and just over half-an-hour running time, FAITH EXTINGUISHER never wears out it’s welcome either. It’s short, sharp, straight to the point, full speed from go to woah and finishes just in time to leave you wanting more. Overall this album sounds like a really, really good quality underground mid-eighties Heavy Metal demo, so if you like your metal a little more polished and a little more meaningful then this album is absolutely not for you. But, if you still harken back the days of denim and leather and jackets covered in patches, BARBARIAN are serving up a platter of something very tasty.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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