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Hatriot – Dawn Of The New Centurion Review


Released by: Massacre Records

Release date: April 1st 2014 (US)

Style: Thrash Metal



01.My Cold Dead Hands

02.Your Worst Enemy

03.The Fear Within

04.Honor In The Rise And Fall

05. Superkillafragsadisticactsaresoatrocious

06. Silence In The House Of The Lord

07. World Funeral

08. Dawn Of The New Centurion

09. Consolation For The Insane


Line Up:

Steve “Zetro” Souza (Vocals)

Kosta “V” (Guitars)

J.C. Justin Cole (Guitars)

Cody Souza (Bass)

Nick Souza (Drums)


Fasten your seatbelts and jump into the time machine. The year is set to 1984 and the location: the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you already guess where I’m heading ? Yes people, it’s old school thrash metal time with the sophomore release ‘Dawn Of The New Centurion’ by US thrashers Hatriot.

Former Exodus, Legacy (Testament), Dublin Death Patrol, Tenet and AC/DZ veteran vocalist Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza takes another trip back to his roots with his new outfit Hatriot. This time he really shows the young (literally as his two sons Cody and Nick play in this band) how this style is being done: fast, loud & ferocious, crushing everything in it’s way including originality. But who cares ? With ‘Dawn of The New Centurion’ you’re in for a 50 minutes musical history lesson that will certainly please the neighbours !

The Exodus influences are obvious but Steve & Co still managed to re-invent this classic 80’s music for our current modern era. Their 2013 debut ‘Heroes of Origin’ already showed a hungry band eager to display their power, groove and melody but on their now released 2nd album they even managed to take the whole thing a step forward. Once again they teamed up with producer Juan Urteaga and Mark DeVito for creating the sound and artwork and this really pays off.

The 9 tracks, penned by Steve and the young talented Kosta ‘V,’ are all very enjoyable if you like this style AND Steve’s distinctive vocals which are typically in the like-it-or-hate-it category. With fast and agressive riffs, ripping solo’s and a cemented rhythm section by the Souza-sons you really can’t go wrong here. Personally I would like to pick out the excellent ‘The Fear Within’ as this little ‘epic’ shows that the band is also able to incorporate some slower, more pompous sections in their fast paced music. And what about ‘track 5’ ? I didn’t manage to write the title at once and I refused to use the copy/paste function on my computer. Let’s just say it’s one of the weirdest, unspeakable titles ever and it has a nice message in the end pointed at some Russian female musical colleagues.

In the end, it’s only thumbs up for me for this 2nd release by Hatriot. Therefore highly recommended and remember: play it loud !


Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    8/10

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