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4th Dimension – Dispelling the Veil of Illusions Review

4th dimension_cover

Released by: Power Prog Records

Release Date: March 21st, 2014

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Andrea Bicego (vocals & acoustic guitar)

Talete Fusaro (keyboards & piano)

Michele Segafredo (rhythm & lead guitar)

Massimiliano Forte (drums)

Stefano Pinaroli (bass)



Veil 3102

A Circle In The Ice

Kingdom Of Thyne Illusions

Quantum Leap


White Logic

Memoirs Of The Abyss

The Watchtower

Dissonant Hearts



The Italian band 4th Dimension was founded in 2005 by singer Andrea Bicego and keyboard player Talete Fusaro. In 2011 with the support of Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine) and Fabio Lione they released the first studio album “The White Path to Rebirth”. Today the band has completed the second work named “Dispelling the Veil of Illusions” which will be released in  2014  on March 21st by Power Prog Records.

The music the 4th Dimension performed is very melodic and happy soft Power Metal with solid influences of Symphonic Metal, some Progressive bells and whistles and synthesizer-driven moments. The first release was often compared with Rhapsody of Fire but now there are less symphonic elements on the new album and the sound is closer to some kind of kinder-Power Metal. I don’t want to criticize the band for it because I have nothing against this style which could be very enjoyable at times.

There are not as many guitar solos as in an ordinary Power Metal album, however keyboard parts compensate this by far. It would be wrong to say that guitars are only at the backgrounds, some solid riffs are memorable here but synthesizers’ parts are brighter and more noticeable.

Vocal are really fitted to the music, it is clean and high and reminds me Chris Bay from Freedom Call. And the music has much in common with mentioned German band especially in its mood. Some parallels with French band Heavenly come to mind also.

The album opens “Veil 3102” – an intro which traditionally starts with symphonic part but then suddenly turns into cool short sympho-Power Metal track and it has the different melody than the forthcoming song “A Circle in the Ice”. It is a very melodic Power Metal song which has many similarities with Vision Divine, Freedom Call and Axxis. It is not exactly sympho-Power, symphonic arrangements are present but not constant, keys use some electronic touches, a couple of Prog moments make the song more interesting. A very good and promising beginning.

The third track “Kingdom of Thyne Illusions” is slightly faster and even brighter, melodies in pre-chorus and chorus are superb, keys are a bit poppy but it works nice here. Freedom Call meets Axxis and Wonderland at their best. This is the excellent number which elates and makes me happier. “Quantum Leap” continues in the same vein – bright synths lead the song creating very-very happy and positive sound. Guitar and keyboard solo is wonderful. Another great track, my favorite here. The music is becoming more and more electronic with “ExtraWorld” – this song has almost synth-pop intro and it is slightly calmer. If you think that it is impossible to be more melodic, the band proves that you are wrong! Amazing electronic Power Metal, however the song has a short symphonic break.

From this moment I really like this release! However the next tracks appears to be not as awesome as the previous few. They are still very good and enjoyable but not so light and bright. “White Logic” is mid-tempo and more tragic in comparison with previous songs. And guitar riffs are heavier. I could highlight nice acoustic Spanish guitar solo. The chorus is bombastic as usual. “Memoirs of the Abyss” is a slow track. It sounds very traditional with acoustic guitar and symphonic arrangements and pathetic vocal lines. Hopefully guitar riffs complete this nice Metal Ballad which reminds me Dark Moor. “The Watchtower” is another melodic Power Metal song with amazing chorus. Original prog moments in the middle are very good. Some rough phrases after the chorus seem brutal here. The next-to-last “Dissonant Hearts” is a slightly up-tempo song. I could mark Progressive but melodic break here with a short bass guitar solo. As for the rest it is a typical good song for the 4th Dimension. “Away” is the second ballad here. It differs from “Memoirs of the Abyss”, a piano-driven song with string arrangements. In some moments it is closer to Savatage and in others to Skylark. It is a really nice and beautiful ending.

So the musicians have created a really good album. Half of the songs are outstanding indeed the others are quite nice. I am sure that the band could make even better album and has a strong potential to growth. It is a bit superior than their debut work “The White Path to Rebirth”; it is more impressive and positive. Of course “Dispelling the Veil of Illusions” is not recommended for fans of brutal heavy music but it surely could be accepted for the followers of melodic, light and happy Power Metal.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    9/10

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