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L.R.S. – Down To the Core Review


Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: March 21st, 2014

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Tommy La Verdi – lead vocals

Josh Ramos – guitars

Michael Shotton – drums, backing vocals



01. Our Love To Stay

02. Livin’ 4 A Dream

03. I Can Take You There

04. Never Surrender

05. Almost Over You

06. Shadow Of A Man

07. Universal Cry

08. To Be Your Man

09. Down To The Core

10. I Will Find My Way

11. Waiting For Love

12. Not One Way To Give


Hook laden songs? Check. Brilliant guitar work? Check. Amazing vocals? Check. L.R.S., a band formed by the voice of 21 Guns Tommy La Verdi, former The Storm and Hardline guitarist Josh Ramos, and drummer Michael Shotton of Von Groove and Airtime joined forces to create an AOR hard rock tour de force that is not only reminiscent of their former bands but also heavily influenced by bands like Journey and Triumph. Being a tremendous fan of all three gentlemen’s past work I was anxious to hear their debut Down To the Core. Suffice it to say I was not disappointed.

It is well documented my love of catchy, melodic rock. L.R.S has brilliantly combined their talents to create an album that I instantly loved. Every element that makes AOR such a stunning genre is here. One of the most important keys to making excellent AOR is the ability to write excellent songs that are catchy. Down To the Core is chock full of excellent songs ranging from beautiful power ballads like “Almost Over You” to the rocking album opener “Our Love To Stay” L.R.S. has certainly perfected writing mega-catchy melodic rock gems with sing-along chorus’. Supporting the powerhouse songs you have the magnificent voice of La Verdi who is akin to a mash-up of Steve Perry and John Waite (two of the most loved and respected voices of this style no less,) but isn’t a clone of either. Matching the voice is Ramos tearing up the fretboard. Bringing it all together is the fantastic drums of Shotton.

This is another strong contender for album of the year for me. Rarely does an album strike me as powerfully as the debut of L.R.S. Down To the Core, but from the moment I started the album I was drawn in and hooked. This is the album that you should automatically hear every time you turn on the radio instead of the typical crap we are force fed. I highly suggest that fans of any of the bands mentioned in this write up grab this album now!


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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