Tyketto, Bonfire and Summers live at The Garage, Islington, UK on March 18th, 2014

For a band that will admit they’ve never made it as big as they might have done, “but we did get this close….” says Danny Vaughn, they have amassed...




Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Adrian Hextall (Photographer/Live Gig reporter Myglobalmind Webzine


Celebrating 25 years since ‘Don’t Come Easy’ with “that song” on it, Tyketto return to London to a very full Garage ably supported by melodic rock heroes from Germany, Bonfire and upcoming Southampton based Summers.

As Danny Vaughn acknowledges during their set, Tyketto are a band that never quite made it big. What they did get however was a passionate group of fans and Vaughn recognises and applauds that fact during their excellent set. More on that later…….





Summers bound onto the stage like exuberant puppies and get the show up and running in excellent style.

Crash Summers on lead vocals and Jason Sepala on guitar make for an excellent combo in the Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora vein (in the good old days) and there are moments of  true bromance between the two during their set highlighting just how tightly knit this band are:

They play an excellent and extremely catchy hard rock set that perfectly warms the crowd up for what is essentially a double headline bill tonight. Playing tracks from their debut album which gives their music a distinctly Def Leppardesque sheen, even the titles of some of them suggest they would not be out of place on any of those classic Lep releases of the late 80’s. ‘Rock Machine’, ‘Superhero’ and ‘Your Heart’ are all belted out with gusto and guitar duties are shared equally from both sides of the stages between Sepala and tattooed Joedy Rose which really comes together during ‘Let’s Go Round’ towards the end of their set.

As I’m sure the elder statesmen of melodic rock will attest to, the scene needs new blood and Summers are up there with the best of them. A promising future awaits!



Crash Summers – Lead vocals
Ricky Summers – Bass & vocals
Jason Sepala – Guitars & vocals
Joedy Rose – Guitars & vocals
Andy Pope – Drums & vocals










I bloody love Bonfire!! ‘Fireworks’ is up there as one of my all-time favourite albums and I relish every opportunity to see the band live, knowing full well they won’t put on a bad show. One of my greatest regrets is missing them at their best back in the ‘Fireworks’, ‘Point Blank’ era but I’ve made up for it in spades since and am never disappointed.

With such a rich history of albums to choose from, it’s great to see some risks being taken with a setlist that definitely panders to the fans with some real gems tonight. We get tracks from their debut album ‘Don’t Touch the Light’, a selection from ‘Fireworks’ and even ‘Sword and Stone’ from the soundtrack to supernatural movie ‘Shocker’ that saw a pre X-Files Mitch Pileggi as a serial killer using electricity to kill the teens that saw him go to the chair!. Great stuff.

As is the theme with a lot of their more recent output, lead vocalist Claus Lessmann is decked out in a confederate flag waistcoat and prowls the stage whipping up the crowd with some southern rock gems like ‘Bells of Freedom’.

‘Hot to Rock’ and ‘Don’t Touch the Light’ get the lyrics sung back to the band by the crowd showing just how long a lot of people here tonight have followed them. Uwe Köhler provides some great backing vocals and the grin on his face for the entire set clearly suggests he’s having a blast.

A drum solo from relative newbie Harry Reischmann works well and gives the rest of the band time off for a well-deserved breather before they return to finish with ‘Under Blue Skies’, and ‘Sweet Obsession’.



Bells of Freedom

Tony’s Roulette

Never Mind

Hot to Rock

Don’t Touch the Light


Sword and Stone

Give It a Try

Drum Solo

Under Blue Skies

Sweet Obsession



Claus Lessmann – lead vocals

Hans Ziller – lead guitar,

Chris Limburg – guitars

Uwe Köhler – bass,

Harry Reischmann – drums










For a band that will admit they’ve never made it as big as they might have done, “but we did get this close….” says Danny Vaughn, they have amassed a solid following that has managed to give them a 25 year career and allowed them to celebrate the wonderful milestone for the release of their debut album.

Danny Vaughn is an excellent frontman and still looks in fine shape as well as around 10-15 years younger than many of his peers. Whilst we are considering just how 25 years in the business has not aged him, he points out how the band literally threw everything into a case and as such they have no backdrop for the tour. “Everyone else does tonight….” he muses only to discover that a fan has made a great UK/US flag with the band’s logo and 25th Anniversary details on it. The new backdrop is hung and the band go on to play a great 17 song set that mixes old with the new and shows how old favourites like ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Sail Away’ can stand side by side with new entries to their repertoire such as ‘The Last Sunset’ and ‘Dig in Deep’. New hire Chris Green (ex Furyon) replaces original guitarist Brooke St. James and easily slots into the line up like a founding member. Even though he brings his own style and flair to the band, he’s note perfect on everything including the solos which avid fans will always spot variations on if present.

Within a few songs there are of course the jokey calls for ‘that song’ to which Danny replies with a smile, “if we played that now… you’d all go home!!”.

A great cover of ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ sees drummer Michael Clayton providing the vocals and is then followed by fan favourite ‘Wings’ before the band disappear only to return moments later to play ‘The Last Sunset’ and of course ‘that song’.

‘Forever Young’ is to Tyketto what ‘The Final Countdown’ is to Europe or ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ is to Bon Jovi. It’s their signature tune and in my opinion one of the best rock singles of all time! The crowd bounce off the walls and clearly agree. It’s almost akin to listening to Doro play ‘All We Are’ every time the crowd requests it. The current record I recall is around 5 times from her in one show. There’s a sense that Tyketto could do the same, such is the calibre of this particular track and the crowd would still lap it up.


What a great way to finish a great show.



Burning Down Inside

Rescue Me



End of the Summer Days

Sail Away

Here’s Hoping It Hurts

Meet Me in the Night

Dig in Deep

Lay Your Body Down

Sound Off

Standing Alone

Catch My Fall

Some Kind of Wonderful  (Soul Brothers Six cover)



The Last Sunset

Forever Young


Danny Vaughn – Lead vocals,

Chris Green – Lead guitar,

Jimi Kennedy – Bass guitar,

Michael Clayton – Drums, percussion,

Ged Rylands – Keyboards



Tell Us How You Feel


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