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Bastardizer – Enforcers of Evil Review


Released By : Hells Vomit Productions

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre : Black Thrash & Roll

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Chris Beesley – Lead Vocals

Bill Morgan – Guitars

Jackson King – Drums

Ray McGill – Bass



1.Bastards, Bullets, Bitches & Beer

2.Enforcers of Evil

3.Bathory & Lust



6.Pentagram of Pleasure

7.Bareback In Brazil/Baphomet’s Bukkake

8.The Belanglo Bastard

9.The Black Scourge of Death


Considering that Sydney, Australia based metallers BASTARDIZER have only been together since some time last year, it hasn’t taken them very long to establish something a little different and release a debut that shows an amount of skill, class and cohesion that most bands take two or three albums to achieve. The band are self-described on their facebook page as “Black Thrash & Roll”, and it really is a fitting description as to what you will find on their debut album for Hells Vomit Productions titled ENFORCERS OF EVIL.

The musical side of things keeps a constant thrashy vibe throughout the album, with some nice speed-metal-esque lead guitar work, but rhythmically the band are based in a dirty, rock groove that takes the grit of MOTORHEAD and mixes it with the good-time vibes of boogie rock very discretely plugging away in the background. The vocals are where the majority of the Black Metal elements are received from with vocalist Chris Beesley displaying a clear love for the vocal stylings of DESTROYER 666.

Where the band take an interesting turn is that as much as ENFORCERS OF EVIL is gritty and brutal in places, it’s not afraid at all to have a bit of fun along the way. Song titles like PENTAGRAM OF PLEASURE, BAREBACK IN BRAZIL/BAPHOMET’S BUKKAKE and also BASTARDS, BULLETS, BITCHES & BEER border on parody without ever actually going too far across the line.

“Going bareback, going bareback,
It’s giving me a thrill.
Going bareback, going bareback,
I hope they’re on the pill. “

When you mix lyrical passages like this with dirty, no-frills thrashy metal riffs it’s impossible to not grin at least a little. Not all of the lyrics are like this, which is a good thing for the relevance of the album, but the element is there enough if you enjoy a bit of a good time mixed in with your dirty metal. Other songs like ENFORCERS OF EVIL and THE BLACK SCOURGE OF DEATH take things to a bit of a darker place and help level the album out. The highlight of the album for me personally though was a fantastic track titled EUREKA, which is about the rebellion and war between gold-miners and greedy authorities in the Ballarat, Victoria region in 1854. It’s something that may not hold a whole lot of relevance to international readers, but for the Aussies among you it’s a nice touch, just like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge burning in hell’s flames in the background of the great album cover artwork, which was created by a guy called SICKNESS 666.

I’m always proud to bring the best of our under-rated Aussie metal scene to you guys and gals of My Global Mind, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce the debut album from BASTARDIZER, if you like bands like VENOM, DESTROYER 666 and MOTORHEAD make sure to check these guys out.


Written    by    Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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