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Culted – Oblique to all Paths Review


Released by: Relapse Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal/Black Metal/Doom



Line Up:

Daniel Jansson – words, voice, ambience

Matthew Friesen – guitar, bass, percussion, noise

Michael Klassen – guitar, bass, percussion, noise

Kevin Stevenson – drums, percussion


Erik Larsen-additional sound, modular synths



1. Brooding Hex

2. Illuminati

3. Intoxicant Immuration

4. March Of The Wolves

5. Distortion Of The Nature Of Mankind (Instrumental)

6. Transmittal

7. Jeremiad


Discordant, in sound and nature. That would describe how Culted sound and work. The band have never met as their vocalist lives in Sweden and the others in Canada. How this band existed is probably testament what is possible from a technological point of view in sharing ideas and creating something using the Internet.

The music is strung out blackened doom. Culted evoke the ‘’Times of Grace’’ album by Neurosis with their grating doom riffs and filter it through discordant noise filter, which the vocalist brings to the album along with his vocal contribution.

As a band that hasn’t played live or even met the songs don’t gel and the two camps jars giving the album a disjointed feel but it works to the bands advantage as the vocalist musical vision collides with the rest of the band in the mix.

With a running time of over 60 minutes it an album you need to be in mood for as the desolate strung out songs will suck you into a black hole of a mood.

A band that will surely remain in the shadows with this line up but worth a listen is you want to hear some harrowing underground metal.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    7/10

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