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LTNT (Lieutenant) DAO E.P LAUNCH Live at Our Heart Black Tavern, Camden, UK

LTNT (Lieutenant) DAO E.P LAUNCH  Live at Our Heart Black Tavern, Camden, UK_11


 Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Adrian Hextall (Photographer/Live Gig reporter Myglobalmind Webzine


According to their bio, life is boring for Ben Clarke, Neil Hunt and Liam Lever the three members of alt rock power trio LTNT. Nowadays, with it being so easy to NOT get killed by random events in the world, boredom it appears forced the three of them to form a band build up a following and lay down some tracks culminating in the release of ‘DAO’, a five track E.P being showcased here tonight.

Recorded earlier in the year, ‘DAO’ contains 5 tracks of modern alt rock gems, with hints of 90’s Seattle. Opening track ‘Body Blood’ has already received a positive from critics and fans and a blood heavy video is also doing the rounds on YouTube. It’s a heavy energetic number which makes for the perfect opener to draw the listener in. Sinister overtones perhaps when Liam sings “yeah I’m gonna make you love me, it’s the chance of a lifetime, gonna put your blood up over me”.

Fuzzy guitar and bass work kick off the second track ‘Wear it Well’  slowing down the pace to an almost stoner rock feel with a great chugging rhythm underpinning the song. ‘Great Entertainment’ brings back memories of the best of the grunge scene and holds within it a mystical Middle Eastern feel at times as well. ‘Film It’ starts off with a slower mellow feel before the tempo increases and some Dave Grohl drumming from Neil Hunt and great vocal work reenergises the song.

The short 5 track EP closes with ‘Can’t Stand Anyone’ and again the influences on the band come through at this point with angsty lyrics, soft vocals and guitar work over a solid drum and bass rhythm before launching into hooks and choruses that would sit comfortably on something from Queens of the Stone Age.

Just when you think you get to know a band however, a curve ball is thrown into the mix with some stunning musicianship in the last 3 minutes of this 8 minute epic. You can hear elements of ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ from Frankie Goes a To Hollywood, bits of The Edge’ signature guitar work in this break before the song finishes with the sort of flourish found on Stone Temple Pilots track.

The venue tonight slowly fills with the numbers increasing rapidly as the night progresses.

Before LTNT take to the stage we have 2 warm up acts to consider.



First up this evening is James Brute and The Doctor (as he likes to refer to his guitar wielding band mate Mat Martin).

The pair of them creat some interesting tunes (vocals and guitars only) with one track being performed A Capella with only clapping and foot stomps providing a rhythm. Does it work? Actually yes and although the guitar work from the pair is excellent, this track stands out as their best purely for its originality.



At an average height of about 5,7, slightly scruffy and Very LOUD (according to Facebook) Dumbjaw play a neat mix of Alternative Indie, Rock’n’Roll and Punk. Their short set gets another surge in numbers in the crowd as the room fills up. Even with a Bass player who claims to be suffering from man flu, they put on a great set and after the mellowed start from James Brute, have the crowd worked up and ready for LTNT by the time they finish.



Rob Emms – Drums/Vox

Graeme Lynch – Bass/Vox

Lenny Verrallis – Vocals/Guitar

Andreas Podda – Guitar/Keys/Vox





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If the crowd is anything to go by, the band have a great future ahead of them. Unique enough to stand out (as highlighted with the tracks on DAO) and familiar enough to appeal to fans of several modern musical styles they put on a very energetic display with Liam Lever coming into the crowd at one point to play his solos.

As the crowd squeezes the venue to capacity, the tracks from the EP, not surprisingly, get an airing and the short 40 minute set is soon over. Neil Hunt and Ben Clarke work well together to provide a solid rhythm section and hold the attention of the crowd as much as their frontman does. Clearly a band where the load and responsibility is shared and that’s great to see.

A reasonable amount of press were present tonight jostling for position by the stage (standing no more than 12 inches off the floor) trying to capture the band at their best.

We are likely to see LTNT playing festivals this summer and hopefully come the Autumn, appearing on some decent support slots around the country.

A great showcase for them, definitely a band to keep an eye on.



Liam Lever : Lead Vocals / Guitar

Neil Hunt : Drums

Ben Clarke : Bass


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