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Coldwar – Pantheist Review


Released by: Candlelight Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hardcore Death Metal



Line Up:

Vocals – Trevor
Guitars – Paul
Guitars – Dave
Bass – Andy
Drums – Marty



01. Heart Of Darkness
02. Ether Child
03. Mazu Awakens
04. 13th Moon
05. The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falconer
06. Ghostdance
07. Consciousness Paralysis
08. Abandonment Of Being
09. Last Days Of The 4th Sun

Dublin based band Coldwar are known entity here in Ireland and have landed some heavy weight support slots in there time.  I have personally witnessed them go toe to toe with Suffocation and Hail of Bullets and give both bands a run for their money in their home city of Dublin.  Home is where they are plied there trade for years and have more than earned a step up to a bigger label and the world stage.

This, the bands 4th album is most refined yet as you would expect.  Tighter compositions and better and bigger production which has sharpened there attack.  Thankfully there is still enough dirt under the nails and not to much polish added.  There mix of Killing Joke infected riffs with a heavy crust punk feel is as polite as a head-butt.  Trevor’s vocals are furious and give the band a unique edge as he has his own style of dirty punk and death metal rasp.

Every track is strong and no songs follow any predictable pattern and twist and turn stretching and adding pieces of experimentation here and there in terms of guitar effects.

Candlelight Records have signed a great band in Coldwar and would strongly recommend anything this band has released if you like metal with a heavy crust infusion.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    9/10

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