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Skid Row live at Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA on May 15th, 2014





Skid Row Plays Through Southern California on the 2014 World Tour


Performing at the world famous Canyon Club on May 15th, Skid Row, featuring John Salinger on vocals, pulled out all the stops and brought a clearly defined reminder of why the band topped the hard rock charts in the late 80’s and early 90’s and their staying power was evident on stage.  Hammering out 15 songs and blending the MTV classics with some of the new titles the band has recorded with front man Salinger, the crowd responded by chanting along with every lyric from every song.  The 2014 tour is proving that Skid Row hasn’t faded from view one bit.

They’re the band critics, fanatics and the Sebastian Bach faithful love to hate, but with 14 years passed since separating from Sebastian Bach, both Skid Row and Bach himself have shown that each entity offers a unique brand that fans can rely on to deliver the hard edged music that has defined their generation.  Founding members Rachel Bolan (bass), Dave “Snake” Sabo (Guitar) and Scotti Hill (Guitar) all filled key roles in writing, recording and producing every song that Skid Row is known for. Whether it is the fist pumping “Big Guns” or the soul stirring “Quicksand Jesus”, these are the musicians who created the songs fans will always know as being Skid Row, and it’s the same band today.  Still going strong after fourteen years with front man John Salinger, Skid Row is enjoying the latest 2013 release titled “United World Rebellion” and Salinger shared with the crowd that three medium length EP’s are being recorded to offer fans the music they’ve been hungering for.  In 2014, the band has announced the upcoming release of the second CD, of three planned, titled “Rise of the Damnation Army.”  Also appearing with the band is drummer Rob Hammersmith, a permanent member of the band since 2010, replacing Dave Gara, and the recording drummer on the band’s latest releases.

Opening the show on May 15th was the California based hard rock favorites Stonebreed.  The band performed for more than a half hour on stage and front man Carlos Cruz shared that the band will be appearing with Warrant and Veilside in Phoenix, AZ on the 17th.  Also a perfect fit, and filling the slot just before Skid Row, was the Black Star Riders.  The band is a spin-off of Thin Lizzy, and features the former front man of the Scottish rock group The Almighty, Ricky Warwick, on vocals and guitar.  Over the course of an hour, the Black Star Riders, performing under that name for just two years now, proved to deliver what Skid Row’s fans came to see, which was some hard hitting and well-rehearsed music.

On Skid Row’s official website, the schedule of upcoming US and International show dates boasts an astounding 62 performances that include Rocklahoma on May 23rd and the long awaited Getaway Rock Festival that will bring the band back to fans in Sweden.  Fans can follow the band on the social network through direct links to each band members personal pages found on the website.



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The set list performed at the Canyon Club was as follows:

01. Let’s Go
02. Big Guns
03. Makin’ A Mess
04. Piece Of Me
05. 18 & Life
06. Thick Is The Skin
07. In A Darkened Room
08. Kings Of The Demolition
09. Psycho Therapy
10. I Remember You
11. Riot Act
12. Monkey Business
13. Get The Fuck Out
14. Slave To The Grind
15. Youth Gone Wild


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