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Arthemis – Live From Hell Review

arthemis live_cover

Released by: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Released on the 25th of May 2014

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Fabio Dessi – Vocals

Andy Martongelli – Guitars

Jt (Giorgi Terenziani) – Bass &

Francesco Tresca – Drums



1. Scars On Scars
2. Still Awake
3. We Fight
4. Home
5. Electri-Fire
6. Empire
7. 7 Days
8. Vortex


So, those Italian Metallo Compositore’s, (Italian for metal composers) Arthermis have decided to release their first live album, cleverly titled “Live from Hell” and was recorded at their performance at Hard Rock Hell 7 last year. This album will nicely bolster up their already impressive back catalogue, which currently consists of 8 studio albums, all of which have been released worldwide, the latest titled “We Fight” released on August 2012.

The concept of recording a live album is to capture the essence of a bands performance at a gig, giving fans an insight into that particular band. As such, it may include applause and other noises from the audience, comments by the performers between pieces, improvisation, medleys and so on. If done well, it should help to give fans a true and honest insight into a particular bands ability to perform at a live gig, and in some cases, catapult the listener into the crowd as if they were there!

I’m happy to say, after listening to this album, it certainly brought back some incredible memories of that particular set at HRH7. I was down the front moshing out to the pure, unadulterated metal riffs, courtesy of Andy “The Riff Master” on his signature Dean guitar! From memory, I recall the crowd being in total ore of Andy’s guitar master class that day, which has been perfectly captured on this CD, giving the ear a brutal beating throughout the 8 tracks that feature. I even recall, JT, who is the newest member of the band, going over and pointing to Andy’s head, as if to say “THIS GUY ROCKS” and I agree!


© Jay Hawkins

Photos by Jay Hawkins

Photos taken : at Hard Rock Hell 7, on the 30th of November 2013

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Lets not forget, there’s no I in team, yes, this band has been formed around the skills of Andy’s guitar playing, but everyone plays their part. I especially like the way the guitar and drums compliment each other! This album is fast, loud, powerful and F’in rocks and is a great example of what a live recorded album should sound like! The quality of the recording is very good, although its never going to be the same quality as a studio album, its very close! If i was to compare this band to anyone, I’d say there are elements of both Metallica (guitar style) and Iron Maiden (writing style and lyrical content) but by in large these guys are totally original and a credit to the metal genre!

It’s no surprise Arthemis decided to record their first live album at HRH 7, especially when you consider they are signed to the record label Off Yer Rocka Recordings (linked with the festival) and the fact they have performed at the HRH brand a staggering 8 times over the years! For the record, they‘ve also played some of the biggest festivals around the globe, but it seems we can’t get enough of them here in the UK, as they’ve also appeared at many other prestigious British festivals, such as Bloodstock Open Air, Dean Guitars Festival and of course Download!!

My favourite tracks off this album are Still Awake, Home, Empire (what an amazing riff at the end of this track!) and 7 Days, all of which, I feel, represent this talented metal band from Italy well!
My only slight criticisms of this album would be, its too short, with tracks as good as this, you cant help but want to hear more! Obviously, this being a live album, there’s some colourful language throughout its entirety, so if you’re lucky enough to fall into the younger generation of metal heads out there, beware!

Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea and album, one for the fans, who were there and there was a few of us! When asked I jumped at the chance to review this album for, and I’m so glad I did, I just hope i’ve done it the justice it deserves!


Written by Jay Hawkins

Ratings    Jay    8/10

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