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Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Review


Released by: Peaceville Records

Release Date: Out Now!!

Genre: Death Metal




1. Savagery
2. King Of Flesh Ripped
3. Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves
4. The Howling Dead
5. After The Cutting
6. Forever Hungry
7. Teeth Of The Shadow Horde
8. All Shall Bleed
9. Deep Crimson Dreaming
10. Parasitic Eye
11. Burial
12. Autopsy


Another year, another Autopsy release.  Their release schedule has gone into overdrive since there return with a release every year since 2010.  Their legacy is safe with the first two albums ‘Severed Survival’ and ‘Mental Funeral’ and this in itself will secure the interest of death metal fans old and new until the end of time but is it a case of quantity and not quality from the band these days.

Initial signs are positive with opener ‘Savagery’ which pays direct home to ‘Mental Funeral’ opener and classic ‘’Twisted Mass of Burnt’ with the bass drum symbol ride combination.

Short bursts of gore with Reifert’s anguished screams and twisted tormented delivery work the best.  When the band slow down, things get slightly more tedious only to be livened up by a drum solo in ‘’After The Cutting’’

Apart from this every song is a mix of fast and slow tempos showing off some thrash parts in places the odd solo and some Sabbath doom crawl its decent but overall underwhelming albeit gory to the max as you would expect from the band both lyrically and aesthetically.

The bands lack of live presence is what’s missing not another album.  It would be good see these legends rotting live more than decaying in the studio.


Written by Garry

Ratings    Garry    6/10

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