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Ancient Bards – A New Dawn Ending Review


Released By: Limb Music

Release Date: April 25th 2014

Genre: Symphonic Metal




Sara Squandrani – Vocals

Claudio Pietronik – Guitar

Martino Garattoni – Bass

Frederico Gatti – Drums

Daniele Mazza – Keyboards and Orchestrations



1 Before the Storm

2 A Greater Purpose

3 Flaming Heart

4 Across This Life

5 In My Arms

6 The Last Resort

7 Showdown

8 In the End

9 Spiriti Liberi

10 A New Dawn Ending


The Italian based symphonic metal band, Ancient Bards are back with their third studio effort, “A New Dawn Ending.” This record was particularly interesting for me since I am not too familiar with many bands in the genre, and while I have some minor complaints, I did enjoy this album immensely.

Since having a female singer may lead to some Nightwish comparisons, I will start by saying that Ancient Bards is quite a bit heavier than that band. A New Dawn Ending was an interesting record to listen to because the songs all tell a cohesive story. Aside from that, it also features killer guitar (and bass solos) from Claudio Pietronic and Martino Garatonni, as well as rapid, pounding drumming from Federico Gatti.

Of the ten songs included on the record, only two clock in under five minutes, one of which being the eerie, stage-setting introduction track. Most tracks span six to seven minutes, while there are also two ten+ minute epics, “Showdown” and the title track, clocking in at 12 and almost 16 minutes respectively. While these are mostly lengthy songs, they are mostly structured in a way that they do not feel as long as they actually are. There are only a few exceptions, however, as a few songs do seem to drag on at times.

The flow from one track to the next is seamless, sometimes the last notes of the previous track are still ringing out as the next one starts. It is because of this that standouts are difficult to identify since this record is meant to be listened to as one, rather than simply put on shuffle, or listened to a few tracks at a time.

Filled with ripping solos, epic breakdowns, symphonic elements mostly to the background and a story that feels like some sort of medieval legend, “A New Dawn Ending” has a lot to offer to keep the listener interested. It is also the closer to Ancient Bard’s saga that they started with their debut. This may be the signal for a new direction for the band, or perhaps just a separate narrative for their next album. Wherever the band goes from here, is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, this record, as well as the previous two, “The Alliance of Kings” and “Soulless Child” are well worth a listen or three.


Written by Connor

Ratings    Connor    8/10

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