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Ill Nino – Till Death, La Familia Review


Released by: Victory Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Cristian Machado
Lazaro Pina
Diego Verduzco
Ahrue Luster
Dave Chavarri
Oscar Santiago



1. Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
2. Not Alive in My Nightmare
3. I’m Not the Enemy
4. Blood is Thicker Than Water
5. Are We So Innocent
6. Pray I Don’t Find You
7. World so Cold
8. Dead Friends
9. Breaking the Rules
10. Payaso
11. My Bullet


A band who have survived an impressive 14 year musical career, Ill Nino are a band who have been branded as: Nu metal, Latin metal and alternative metal – riding out the various clichés and cliques in the metal scene and forming their own sound which is pretty much unique to anything else out there at the moment. After 2012’s masterpiece Epidemia, Ill Nino have pulled out of the bag an album that rivals if not betters its predecessor in the form of Till Death, La Familia – an 11 track shit storm in a teacup that will have you banging your head, singing along and throwing the horns from the very moment this album kicks in.

Compared to their previous albums, Till Death, La Familia is Ill Nino’s “step” into the 21st century. Following the likes of KoRn, Linkin Park, Emmure etc who have introduced heavy elements of electronica into their music as of recently, Ill Nino have appealed to the modern metal head on this album, writing songs such as ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow’ and ‘Not Alive In My Nightmare’ to captivate both the old and the new breed of rock fan through killer dance like polyrhythms and soaring vocal hooks and choruses. This is Ill Nino evolving and changing the rather safe sound they have stuck to on previous releases, and by god… It has paid off magnificently.

“The cops are banging on the front door, they want to burn me, they’ve locked me up before. I’m the bad guy in the backseat. Am I the enemy, am I the enemy. I’m just somebody with a big dream, I need a new scene, stay away from me. I’m not the enemy, I’m not the enemy” – that is the chorus of this album… No, wait. This is the chorus of the year in fact. First single ‘I’m Not the Enemy’ is the first single off this album for one reason, and this is because it is in a completely different league to anything Ill Nino has ever written before. Not to say the other tracks on Till Death, La Familia are dull; they are not. However, with its ripsaw like riffs, catchy vocal lines and intense percussion sections, ‘I’m Not the Enemy’ may just be the best metal song you will hear this year.

Although not as heavy as Epidemia, Till Death, La Familia is an all killer, no filler album that presents the listener with 11 completely different, completely unique tracks that prove that not only are the guys in Ill Nino incredible musicians, but also that they are incredible song writers. ‘Are We So Innocent’, ‘World So Cold’ and ‘My Bullet’ are all highlights on this album that although may make up the tail end of the record, still contain as much power and energy as the key singles on this album. With Ill Nino every song of theirs could be a single. There is no filler where that band are concerned. They put 110% into everything they write.

Till Death, La Familia is an album that everyone who calls themselves a metal head needs in their collection. With this album Ill Nino haven’t completely changed their sound; they have simply evolved and perfected it, creating an insane hybrid sound that catapults Till Death, La Familia into pole position for the greatest Ill Nino album to date. This is the future of heavy metal music… And the future is sounding fucking amazing.


Written by Matt Seddon

Ratings    Matt    9/10

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