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The Raven Age – E.P. debut

Raven Age EP

Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal

Release Date : OUT NOW!

Label: Independent



The Raven Age are a melodic metal band from London, UK, that blend contemporary heavy metal with powerful melodic vocals. Their sound as witnessed by MGM in a recent live show supporting Voodoo Six (REVIEW CAN BE FOUND HERE) is one that should be heard and their debut E.P. has now found its’ way into our hands for comment. With a line up that began in 2009, it was only as recently as 2013 that the band solidified and has worked closely together to deliver this short 4 track E.P. A gentle intro and synthesised vocals open the first track ‘Uprising’. Some two minutes elapse before the bass led drumming and heavy guitar kick in and the vocals from Michael Burrough start to show us what the band is capable of.

Timing wise it would have been good to have a one minute intro with the longer segment showing the energy the band can offer but it’s nonetheless a reasonable start to proceedings. ‘Eye Among The Blind’ opens far more strongly and shows the perfect mix of heavy (and it is heavy) metal with stunning vocal work over the top. Personally I’d have opened the E.P. with this track as it showcases the sound that the band achieve on stage and demands to be turned up loud. Were it not for the vocals on the track, it would almost be heavy enough to please the Death Metal crowds but the vocals bring something to the mix that smoothes it out and could even see The Raven Age getting some good traction in the US as this is something that will play well on rock radio out their at the moment. ‘

The Death March’ continues the heavy but US radio friendly approach with a great galloping bass drum beat from Jai Patel. Dan Wright and George Harris add some great interplay on the guitars and the solos branch at times into an almost progressive territory but it definitely adds rather than diminishes the track. Again Burrough’s vocals bring it all together and leave the listener wanting more. Sadly ‘more’ means only one more track. ‘Angel in Disgrace’ returns to an almost thrash metal approach with dirty, heavy riffing, rapid bass and drum combos before pausing and allowing Burroughs vocals to come to the fore. After a brief vocal solo the pounding beat returns and shows a band that plays with a maturity that far exceeds their brief tenure together. It’s a great collection of songs. The only change I would make is the running order different. Listeners are definitely short on attention these days so opening with tracks Two, Three and Four would work better and finish with ‘Uprising’. Their full length debut will be worth looking out for.



Raven Age EP


Michael Burrough – Vocals

Matt Cox – Bass Guitar

Dan Wright – Guitar

George Harris – Guitar

Jai Patel – Drums

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